Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer 2014 Camping Trip #1

We survived! Just kidding.
We had a great time but we're happy to be home. Camping takes a lot of planning and energy but it's all worth it once you get up in the crisp, clean mountain air! 
...And your kids didn't kill each other...

Here's a photo overload of our trip:

Just leaving the house.

Lake Don Pedro (we're in a drought here in Central California)

Going up.

Burned trees. Did you hear about the Rim Fire last year? It was one of the biggest California fires. We completely forgot about it and were shocked at how much was burned.

This was taken the second day but goes along with the previous photo. We were at the "Rim of the World". The fire burned as far as the eye could see behind us. 

We had no idea what an RV campsite would be like... we weren't very happy to find out how close together the sites were, but, it turned out ok. 

First evening.

Ginger aka guard dog. She protected my ankles from a Yorkie. Good thing we brought her along. 

Daniel's a good photographer. I'll keep him around. ;-)

First dinner. Salmon, rice, broccoli and watermelon.

S'more time!

First morning breakfast. 

Going to Yosemite to play in the river. (No, we didn't walk there)

Half Dome.

She didn't really need that floatie but we're those super cautious parents who really just want to bubble wrap our kids. . . just kidding. Or not. 

Daniel was hoping to find gold.

Another one of the cute couple. 

Snack time and the photo bomb king.

Hanging out by the fire. 

This is what happens when you're too lazy to put on shoes in the morning and too cold to take off your socks.

We cheated the last morning and went out for breakfast at a nearby restaurant. 
So worth it. 
See Ashley, I told you I had a St. Louis shirt! 

I went on a run around our campsite which was about a mile and a half with walking. The air at higher elevations is harder to breathe when you're a "flat lander" like me. Although we used to live in the mountains... It was so nice running with such beautiful scenery around. I took some photos of my run but they're on Michael's phone. So you'll just have to take my word for it. We had a great time and learned what to do next time to stay away from crowded "yuppie" sites: buy a generator and camp at a site that has large enough spots for campers but no hookups. 

This summer has gotten off to a great start! Looking forward to more adventures!
I hope everyone is having an awesome summer so far!


  1. Looks like you guys had a good time. We went camping too this past week and it was beautiful at the Big South Fork NRRA and Lake Ouachita, Arkansas National Forest. We had a ball. We usually always tent camp, I have not been in an RV in years!

    1. This was our first time using our camper. It was nice but we won't stay at an rv site again.. we like to be further out in the woods. This is a great time of the year to camp!
      Oh and thanks for commenting!


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