Sunday, November 9, 2014

Mom Mondays: What happens when mom gets sick?

Good morning friends! How was your weekend? I spent the majority of mine laying in bed, sick with the stomach flu. Thankfully I'm feeling about 98% better now. Let's be real, moms can only take so many "sick days" before the kids start going crazy and the husband starts crying. ;-)

As I was laying in bed, so pathetically, I thought about what I should write about for my "Mom Monday" post. The idea came to me soon after I felt strong enough to get up and walk around the house. "What happens when mom gets sick?"

After observing for a few minutes I wanted to crawl back into bed. So I did. I stayed in bed all day Saturday. But I was foolish to think my mom duties would be taken care of while I was bed ridden. There I was, laying in bed, sicker than a dog (what does that even mean??) thinking the kids were being taken care of, dishes were being washed, laundry was getting folded, trash was taken out... Oh no. I was wrong. Oh so wrong.

I take that back, the kids were taken care of: they had quessadilla's and chicken noodle soup for dinner.

If I would have known that getting sick would only cause my duties to pile up on me and cause me to have double the work when I was well, I wouldn't have gotten sick in the first place! ... I say this as if I have a choice...

So what exactly happens when mom gets sick?

*The kids dress themselves and their hair does not get brushed before leaving the house.

*Dishes pile up in the sink until there's no room for more, so they begin to pile them onto the counter.

*The trash bag that I set out by the back door before getting sick, still sits there and begins to smell.

*Lysol gets sprayed on every surface of the house as if I have a deadly plague. 

*The kids decide to play with puzzles, blocks, legos and anything else you can build with in the living room, which stays there until mom is better.

*You hear the kids say numerous times, "But that's not how mom does it!"

Please tell me my husband is not the only man who seems helpless when his wife is sick! But when they get sick, CALL THE DOCTOR! <----that's a post for another day.

Don't get me wrong, my husband dropped the kids off with his mom while he went to help a friend move furniture so I could be alone most of the day, but I sure wish men understood that a little help around the house goes a long way! He also told me several times to just tell him if I need anything. Any time I asked for something, he seemed more than happy to help. I appreciate what he did do for me while I was sick.

If I'm a bit MIA the next few days, I'm working on this mess we call a house.

So tell me, what happens at your house when you get sick? 


  1. It's like the world ends when mom's get sick! I usually let scarlet get into whatever she wants, male what ever messes she wants and I clean it up later on so that I can lay on the couch during the day.
    Ashley @

    1. Haha I let my daughter warm up her waffles..that lasted a few seconds because then she needed me to cut it up. I used to let her make all kinds of messes when my husband worked crazy hours and I was sick since I didn't have anyone to watch her.

  2. Oh no, I hope you're better :( It sounds like this one hit you hard. You should definitely keep asking for help, even if it lasts a little past the illness ;) Rest is important for recovery!

    1. I'm feeling much better thanks! That's good advice..I really should ask for more help instead of just doing it all myself. Then it won't be expected of me. My son is supposed to take the trash out but he's 11 and he's in a seriously lazy stage of his life so he has to be reminded... it won't be like this forever haha but you're right!

  3. So sorry you've been sick! My sister always says it is a cruel thing that moms have to get sick!
    Hope you get back to feeling great again soon!!!

    1. Thanks! I'm feeling much better!
      It gets easier as the kids get older, but still hard when the kids (and husband) are used to me doing most of the household duties...I'm thinking I need to let them help out more than I do. :-)


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