Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy National Running Day!

I won't go into a huge speech on why I run but I will say I am a stay at home mom who needs to run to stay sane. I can always tell when I'm over due for a run. And I don't mean my flabby thighs telling me I better get moving.
I mean when I'm feeling super tense and ready to explode on the next kid that hits or tattles. "Parents weren't equipped with what to do when your kids are yelling, Stop looking at me!" - Ken Davis

I can't handle the bickering for long so if I get in at least a couple miles every other day, I'm less likely to rip my hair out at the end of the day.
Just keeping it real people. Oh I forgot, my life probably looks like sunshine n rainbows on the other side of this blog. Eh, wrong. My kids, my marriage and my life are a lot like many others.
Running keeps me sane. And if mom's happy, everyone's happy. :-D

Moving on...

Since today's national running day (and because I'm feeling like I'm getting my mojo back) I ran and pledged my miles to Jaimie- a little girl battling cancer.
Every little bit counts. I used the app Charity Miles and donated my miles to Stand up to Cancer. You can find all the cool apps and info on how to pledge your miles here. I will continue to use this app and donate all my future miles.

After a good run (two days in a row! What?!) Michael took Kate and I out to lunch at a new-to-me Mexican restaurant. Sorry Daniel, school is important. He's almost out air the summer! Yikes!

Homemade chips with salsa that's made with beans, sour cream and salsa. So good!
Kate and I shared a chicken quessadilla, beans and rice and a carne asada toquito. I took the toquito home but Michael threw it away thinking it was in the car too long.. :-( boo.

Now I'm making spaghetti with zucchini from our garden for the fam. I have killer acid reflux so I have to fix something else for me. I'll share this recipe though because it's a family favorite! It can be covered with cheese and baked too.. we're keepin' it a bit healthy tonight.

My plate:

How was your day? 
Did you run or walk today?

Guess what Friday is?? National Donut Day!!

Have a fantastic rest of the week everyone!


  1. Yay, glad to hear you are starting to get your mojo back!!! That is sweet of you to pledge your miles to Cancer!
    I didn't get a chance to take advantage of National Running Day, but by next year I am sure I will for sure!
    National Donut Day, LOL I'm not a huge Donut lover, and I guess that is a good thing but made me smile that they actually have a Donut day, ha ha

    1. Whaa?? You don't like donuts?? Just kidding. You're better off Haha we had some today and it made me sick! I'm not used to eating like that so my tummy did not agree.

  2. Yay for the good runs! I love that you made dinner with food from the garden. I didn't get a chance to run yesterday either but I'm doing it today.

    1. Thanks. I'm so happy I'm getting back into running.
      Any day can be national running day for a runner ;-)
      I love getting fresh food from our garden. It's very rewarding.


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