Thursday, September 18, 2014

Finding My Unique Contribution

Hey there friends & fitfam! How's your week going so far? Mine has been wonderful & I hope it stays that way! 

Now that our kids are in school and my husband is on the brink of going back to work *fingers crossed for a new job!* (after a really long lay off) I've been pondering my "unique contribution" in life.

Life as a stay at home mom is great. I mean, I wake up, get the kids ready for school, drop them off and I'm free for 7 hours a day! I have time to go to the gym, eat breakfast AND lunch in peace and do all those "mom" things in between like cleaning and grocery shopping. What more could a mom ask for?! ...Apparently, this mom wants more out of her life.

I heard the term "unique contribution" on a Christian radio station the other day. It's a program we love called, Focus on the Family. A married couple were talking and the woman mentioned this term quite a few times. The first time I heard it, my ears perked up. I told my husband, "this is exactly how I'm feeling right now!" He said he knew already and he could see that I've been doing some soul searching. I'm trying to find my niche. My place. My role other than being mom & wife. I was a dental assistant for a short time and I thought that was the career path I wanted to take. Life has it's ways of changing things and putting forks in the road.

So today marks day one of my quest. I'm doing some online searches for Accredited Online Colleges to begin classes to become a Certified Nutritionist.

I want to work with people who need help learning about what foods to eat and which ones they should limit. I want to get into schools and teach children how to decide for themselves which foods to eat to make their bodies feel good. I want to help people to love and nourish their bodies.

This is something I feel passionate about and it's something I can do along with still being a mom, wife and caretaker of the home. With our kids in school, my husband back at work, what better way for me to spend my time than going back to school myself? :-)

It's time to find my Unique Contribution and make it my own! 

Have you found your unique contribution? 
If you've taken online classes, which college did you go through?
What is one goal you are working towards? 

Have an amazing Thursday everyone! 


  1. Right now my unique contribution is raising my 3 children. I was a preschool teacher before having my first baby but this time at home while my kids are small is so important to me. Good luck becoming a certified nutritionist! That's exciting!

    1. That's awesome that you want to be available for your kids. I think it's so beneficial for them when they are little and it builds such strong relationships between mom and child. I am so thankful I was able to stay at home with our daughter. We talked about me going back to work when she went to school, and now she is, so I'm choosing to go to school myself! I also like being available for my kids now that they are taking them to soccer practice, games and birthday parties... and everything in between!

  2. Wow, I've never heard that phrase before but I love it. And I love that you've found something you're passionate about and found a way to make it reality. I look forward to hearing more about it :)

    1. Isn't it great?! I always get something out of those discussions on Focus on the Family. I requested more info from Ashworth College online, then I'll go from there. I definitely want to use an accredited college and get my certifications. I'm excited to feel like I could be more than "just" a stay at home mom. (Although, that is a very important job!)


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