Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#Dishthefit My Top Healthy Living Tools

I'm jumping right in to #dishthefit with Jessica @ TheFitSwitch! Join us and link up your healthy living/fitness post! Let's get to it! 

Today's optional topic is: Top Healthy Living Tools

Let's face it, gadgets make life easier! 

I have tools/items that I use almost daily and I always find myself thinking: How in the world did I ever get by without these?!

First up: the foam roller!
I was a runner for well over a year before I even heard of a foam roller. (Foam rollers are for anyone, not just runners.) When I finally purchased one for myself, I'll be honest, I had no clue what I was doing! Fake it til you make it, right?! I followed some of the instructions on the slip that came with it, and it actually hurt at first! I wasn't so sure I liked it. But I'm so glad I stuck it out because rolling out those sore, tight muscles is much better than simply stretching them. I can walk a day sooner if I use the foam roller after a good workout or run, than if I just stretched...Or not stretched at all because I forgot to.. Yeah, that happens a little too often.

Trusty ole reusable water bottle!
If I keep a full reusable water bottle with me, I tend to drink a lot more aqua than if I depend on water fountains. I also save money by reusing my water bottle rather than buying a bottle of water every time I go out and about.

No I'm not joking. I follow so many amazing people that inspire me and motivate me to eat healthier and get up off my buttowski. I think it's a great tool to help encourage others to lead healthier lives.

Arm band & headphones!
I've used an arm band for my phone for some time now when I go on runs, but up until recently (I'm talking, two weeks ago) I never used headphones for music or podcasts. I LOVE having theme music playing in my head while I'm running! Come on, you know you get into those songs while you're getting your sweat on, thinking up all kinds of cool dance moves. ... Just me? ... I hope not. Last week I ran 3 glorious miles outside, with headphones in. It was a life changing event. I had to keep the volume low so I could hear cars approaching but still, I had music! I ran over 2 years without this luxury?? HOW?! Totally changed running forever for me.
Moving on.

Meal Planning!
Ok, so this is more of a healthy living tactic and not a tool but it's something that impacts my healthy eating habits. Or my not-so-healthy eating habits. I have a white board next to our fridge that I write out at least 5 dinners for the week. 6 would be grand, but hey, let's be realistic. I write down at least 5 meals that I KNOW I'll make during the week. I go to the grocery store, make sure we have everything for the week so no mid-week runs to the store for ingredients, and viola! Five healthy(ish) meals for me and the fam all week long! Weekends are more laid back for us and most of the time we'll mooch off my mother-in-law for Saturday or Sunday dinner. If I don't meal plan, we tend to have more "fend for yourself" nights, or "I'll just eat some cereal at 8pm" nights, or even worse, "let's just go grab something real quick." Not good. Meal planning keeps us on track and keeps our bank account somewhat happy.

So these are some of my favorite healthy living tools that keep me moving and grooving, yes, grooving. ;-)
What are some of your faves that you can't live without? Join in on the fun and find out what everyone else is dishing up today!

Pst, I hear Jessica @ TheFitSwitch has a thing for sharp knives! ...Pretty creepy if you ask me...
(ha! Totally kidding!)

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone! Make it awesome! 


  1. LOL...You called me out about the knives! I am still laughing. NICE. Well, I loved this post, as I always do with your sense of humor. I hear what you're saying about the instagram fitfam inspiring to get off the buttowski! And, I can't believe you just got music. 2 years without music or podcasts?! Okay, you're about to love running even more, forever. I mean, it's nice to unplug sometimes, but for me, I have no problem still letting my mind wander with a motivational anthem pumping me up in the background. yay! Thanks for sharing this! Take care, Fawn!

    1. Haha! Feel free to "get me back" anytime! :-)
      I feel a bit overwhelmed with making a playlist because the possibilities are endless! Ah, decisions decisions.
      Thanks for another great link-up! There are quite a few new blogs I've discovered through this!

  2. I just got an Instagram and I definitely agree! There's so much out there and it sure is inspirational!

    1. I just signed up on Instagram a few months ago and I'm addicted!

  3. I love meal planning too. Its great that you love instagram too. it has led me to some pretty awesome people!

    1. Meal planning is awesome! Some weeks I slack, but that happens in everything. :-)

  4. I have been neglecting my foam roller but thanks for the reminder...now I must bring it back out!!

    1. I keep my foam roller sitting out in my room so I walk past it every day. Constant reminder...which reminds me, I need to go do some rolling since I did strength training on my legs today! :-) Thanks for stopping by Jodi!

  5. I actually have never tried a foam roller before, but a lot of people like them and swear by them... Maybe one day!
    That is awesome about the headphones! You know whats funny, the other day I listened to music for the first time in a long time on a run, it was fun. For the past few months I have been listening to books on audio while I run, which is great. But this week I don't have a book I want to listen to, so I was like bring on the music again:)

    1. You run marathons and have never tried a foam roller?? Girl, it'll work wonders! :-)
      Music while running and working out helps keep me in the zone haha!


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