Monday, December 22, 2014

Shout Out Sunday #2

Good morning friends! 

I'm back for another Sunday Shout Out! (I know it's Monday, but hey, spending time with my husband yesterday was more important than typing away on my computer.) Here are three more blogs that I love to stalk follow! These blogs are fairly new to me but I always enjoy reading whatever they have to say! I hope you find something you'll like as well!

It looks like I picked three blogs that all have something in common: pure motivation! 

Runner Unleashed
Here is where you'll find posts by Gelcys. She's a mom, wife and runner with Scoliosis. She is incredibly inspirational and I love her determination. I just recently started following her but I absolutely love everything she posts! She's such a strong woman and I always feel pumped after reading her race/run recaps! Go check out her page now!

Tri Hard Mama
This is where you'll find posts by Jennifer. She's a mom, wife, triathlete and fitness enthusiast who helps others get on the right track to leading healthier lives. She motivates me to try new things and step outside my comfort zone. You're sure to find some motivation from her blog just about every day!

Fit Life Wtih E
This is where you'll find posts by Elizabeth. She's a mom, wife, personal trainer and healthy living enthusiast. You'll find anything from posts about being a mom, to how to stay fit and everything in between! She's such a positive woman and I love everything she has to say! This is another blog that is fairly new to me but I'm enjoying everything about her (and her page) so far!

Have an awesome Monday everyone!! 


  1. I love these posts with new blogs to check out :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them! I've been slacking lately but I'm getting the hang of posting regularly...slowly but surely! haha


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