Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Fit Dish: Embarrassing Fitness Moments

Well hello there fitfam! Long time, no talk. I know, I know, I've been MIA again. Life tends to take control sometimes and you have to decide what's more important to spend your time on. I'm still trying to balance being a stay at home mom, taking care of the house, groceries, errands and fit in half marathon training so blogging has come in last these days. Unfortunately my faithful readers miss out, but I know I'll feel in over my head if I try to do it all. 

But, I'm here on this lovely, sunny Tuesday morning! Comin' at ya with another Fit Dish post with the wonderful hosts: Jessica @ Jill! Today's optional topic: Embarrassing Fitness Experiences. Ooh, this should be good! 

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It's almost noon and I'm just sitting down to get this post out. I had a brutal, yet satisfying physical training session this morning, came home, showered, had a late breakfast and throughout all of that I was pondering, "what in the world can I write about today?" 

Confession #1: I am THE CLUMSIEST, awkward white girl that ever walked the earth so you'd think I would have some juicy moments to share. But I don't. Boo.. Knowing that I'm super clumsy and awkward causes me to be extra careful so maybe that's why I haven't had any mishaps (knock on wood).

Until today.

I woke up later than usual, rushed to get the kids ready for school. Made it to my physical training session with only a couple minutes to fix my hair in the bathroom. I felt "off" today. Most likely due to the lovely thing called mother nature. First of all, working out while on "that time of the month" is hard enough. But today I felt a little light headed and loopy. I was there, which was half the battle so I trudged on. My trainer had me warm up with the dreaded ropes then we went on to the step up stand or "box jump"... I never told him I was feeling a bit off because I hate sounding like a baby. So he had me jump up (on the lowest level) using one leg! Umm...in my head I knew this was a recipe for disaster! And sure enough, after a few hops up and down on one leg, I jumped up, hit the stand with my toes and fell forward-catching myself with my hands which protected my face from getting smashed into the pole in front of me. I said out loud, "THAT was embarrassing!" We both laughed although he looked terrified every jump afterwards, but I made it through and didn't make a big scene. I was completely off balance throughout the entire session and I felt like a complete idiot. To my surprise he told me I looked great and he can see that I'm much stronger than day one. Phew!

I do have a really embarrassing thing about myself that I can share. What the hay, we're all friends right?

Well, here goes....

My butt tends to sweat a lot. Ah, there I said it! (Not on a regular basis, just when working out.) And although I wear a workout skirt over my leggings (for modesty) sometimes sweat likes to soak through the leggings and appear on the skirt. Well one day at the gym I had an amazing, sweat in your eyes kind of workout (and butt) and afterwards I walked around a bit, got some water, went to the back to stretch then left. Well after going outside I realized my back side had a nice spot at the top of my bum that said, "hey I'm a butt sweater!" 
I was pretty mortified and wondered if anyone noticed! For about a week or two I kept telling my husband, "check my butt". He would either tell me yes or no but either way there's nothing I can do about it. haha pretty gnarly, I know. Don't worry, if you ever visit the gym I go to, I always make sure to disinfect the machines with seats really well. ;-)

So what's something embarrassing that's happened to you during a workout sesh or run? 
Join in on this fun topic and dish the fit with us! 


  1. I (clearly) feel you on the being a clumsy klutz part. :'( I remember once when I was at my friend's dance studio, I fell over something and nearly smashed my face on the ground. My friend was super concerned and I was just lying on the floor laughing hysterically. There's probably good reason as to why people think I'm crazy sometimes. ._.

    There there on the butt sweat! It happens--just means you're working out super hard! ;P

    1. Haha! That's true! A good butt sweat = a good workout!
      I think we can laugh at ourselves because we know something is bound to happen sooner or later and when it does, the laughter is just automatic! :-)

  2. LOL Great post, you had me laughing at the butt sweat. I think we all have it, but ya we all get embarresed by it too:)
    Gosh, I am like the poster child at times for humiliating experiences. I have so many I just laugh them off anymore.
    I think the worst was years ago in college. I was running on a treadmill at the fitness center. I was the only runner there, everyone else was pretty much the entire gorgeous football team lifting weights and watching themselves in the mirror.
    I was going great and strong pretty good pace and had been running for almost 30 minutes at this point. Then my towel dropped and I apparently didn't have the common sense not to go for it and try to grab it as it fell between my legs and off the back of the treadmill.
    I realized quick as I fell face first down the treadmill (which I wasn't wearing that clip thing that stops it if you fall, because I was of course too cool to clip that thing on.)
    My face hit it, but my arms took the brunt of it as they just scraped against the tread.
    I jumped up quick and just pretended it never happened even though I knew every eye was on me, even though no one said a thing. They didn't laugh, but I know they were thinking pain.
    I got back on and ran (in hopes no one saw) LOL
    But soon as I went to wipe my face I realized my arms were covered in blood and it was still coming so I stopped it and got off and left.
    I didn't go back and run inside the rest of that semester, I stuck to the outside track, LOL

    1. Oh my gosh! Girl, tripping on the treadmill is a huge fear of mine! Especially when I'm doing speed work!! I cringe just thinking about your fall! Way to play it off and try to keep going!

  3. Hilarious! If my kids heard the words butt sweater they would say it constantly and laugh every time :)

    Thanks for linking up and sharing with the #fitfam!

    1. Haha I wouldn't dare tell my kids my butt sweats! hahaha!

  4. Well hello there! Don't hurt yourself before your half!
    I will confess that I am also a butt sweater. We used to joke at the gym because the girl I worked out with also did and when we sat in the lobby after we were done we had to sit on towels or we would get the chairs wet!

  5. Well hello there! Don't hurt yourself before your half! I will confess that I am also a butt sweater. My friend and I would joke because after our workouts when we sat in the lobby we had to put down towels or we would get the seats wet!

  6. lol... funny post :) I'm glad you weren't hurt in the pursuit of an embarrassing moment for this post! I've tripped and fallen on runs multiple times but thankfully nothing serious or that caused injury. And there was the time I dropped my phone on the treadmill and it went flying halfway across the gym.

    1. It's interesting that I happened to have that little fall while wondering what to write about! I'll be sure to mention next time I'm feeling dizzy or light headed!
      Haha my phone did that not too long ago! I left it there until I hit one mile then got it haha

  7. 1-legged box jumps? That's not right! You are amazing! No worries about the butt sweat. Light colors betray us all sometimes...though there was a girl in a dance class I took that always wore light gray pants, and sweat through them every time. She was a very confident and stylish person, but I never understood why she never got black. hmmm. Loved the post! Great to hear your voice!

    1. Haha thanks! I need more calf strength so he had me doing all kinds of one legged moves!
      I'll definitely stick to darker colors when I know I'm gonna get in a good butt-sweatin' work out! haha


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