Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A possible breakup, an easy recipe and something funny

So last October I bought some new running shoes. My New Balances were pretty worn down and it was my birthday so I was due for some new shoes. After trying on a bazillion shoes I settled with some Nike's. They were my first pair of Nike's ever. I ran in them a couple times, didn't like how light they were so thankfully the store allowed me to exchange them. I found some Saucony Cohesion 6's. I wasn't thrilled about the colors they had in stock, so again, I settled on these:

They remind me of tennies from Walmart, but they are really comfortable. Little did I know that comfort wasn't all that I needed. 

I have been dealing with an IT band injury since the beginning of December of 2013. I can run, but I only make it to about half a mile then the pain sets in. Some days I made it to 1 whole mile then stopped in pain. 
The past couple months I have foam rolled, iced, stretched and rested. The pain is still there and still keeps me from running. 

After much research I think I have finally realized that I am a supinator. My new shoes are slightly worn on the outer edges of the shoe. When standing, I stand on the outer edges of my feet. Don't ask me why, I just do. My husband pointed it out not too long ago and asked if I noticed that I do that, and I said not really. Today I've been paying close attention to how I walk. I also looked at the bottoms of the other shoes I wear and they are worn on the outer edges. I know changing my shoes will not heal my leg, BUT wearing the right shoes is VERY important for any runner, especially a supinator. (Or someone who doesn't pronate) So I may be breaking up with my Saucony's.

I also did a quick test of my own to see what kind of arch I have. I always thought I had a high arch which needed more support, well after today I realize I have a pretty normal arch. 

I'm super excited to finally (possibly) be heading in the right direction back to running pain free! The beauties that I REALLY want cost $110! The Saucony's cost about $40. I should probably stop being a cheap skate too. :-/ When my husband see's that price he's going to tell me to just give up running! Anyone wanna donate to my new shoe fund? Just kidding. . .maybe. 

Brooks Ghost 6 
(I know better than to order shoes online, and I promise I will try them on and run around in the store first, then run around in the house for a few days before making my final decision, but aren't they purdy?)

Moving on.
I made some lazy cockpit chili and theater cornbread for dinner. Here's the recipe:
1 can of kidney beans
1 can of pinto beans
1 can of black beans
1 lb ground beef cooked with chopped onions
Pack of McCormick chili seasonings
1 small can can of diced green chili's
Chopped zucchini (optional)

1 pack Marie Calendar's cornbread

Put everything (except cornbread) into the crockpot. Add seasonings if Set on high for a few hours. Voi la!
Dinner is served!

I thought it was pretty tastey.

Here I am, icing my leg and feeding hotdogs to turtles. (Proof that I'm taking care of my injury)

My sister told me to watch "convo's with my two year old" on YouTube. She usually knows what will make me laugh. This definitely did because it's so true how random kids are! 

Have you seen these videos??
Are you a supinator like me? 
Do you make cheat meals? Of course you do. Everyone does. Right?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. My running shoes were 110 :/ it took everything I had to buy them. I had to pick up more shifts at work! Just one reason I had to give up running for a while haha. Too expensive! I am in love with chili. That would be perfect on a snow day like today!
    Ashley @ Kick Ash Mom.com

    1. We'll be getting some money back from taxes this year so my husband, myself and our son willbe getting new shoes very soon! I just realized I added way yoo many shoe photos haha!

  2. I got properly fitted for running the shoes for the first time in November. I learned that I pronate (I didn't even know what that meant). But I definitely feel like the right shoes made running more comfortable for me, and I can see why I never lasted too long before. The shoes that worked best were around $120 but the sales associate was kind enough to tell me they sill had last year's models available and that ended up being only $70. Maybe that's an option to try?

    1. Thank you for the advice! I could do that if the shoe from last year or previous years aren't too different than this years version. I have time to shop around and I'm pretty good at finding coupons and good deals. I need to remember not to go after the ones that look good! haha! jk I'm pretty sure I learned my lesson the hard way!


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