Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Benefits of composting and some randoms

The first time we made our own compost was a few years ago. I wasn't sure how it would turn out because it seemed like we were just throwing just about anything into the barrel. When we looked at it after about a month, it looked like rich, dark soil. I was amazed! Of course there's more to composting than dumping banana peels and egg shells into a bin. But Google can explain how to compost if you're interested. I just want to mention some benefits of doing your own compost.

1. Less garbage. When we compost it takes a lot longer to fill our garbage can in the kitchen. So ultimately, composting is better for the earth by using a natural way to break down foods and clippings instead of tossing them into plastic bags that end up in land fills.

2. Saves money. By making our own compost we are obviously saving money because we won't have to buy any for our garden.

3. Provides natural nutrients. Compost consists of pure leftovers of peels, cores, clippings and remnants from fruits and uncooked veggies; as well as clippings from yard work. It also can consist of egg shells, coffee grounds and droppings from animals such as ducks or chickens. So all of the unused nutrients are being mixed together and eventually they break down to create a rich, luscious and healthy soil for gardens and other plants.

4. Provides moisture. When using compost in gardens or plants, the soil will stay moist longer than if it were just potting soil or dirt. Compost is equipped to hold water which prevents the plants from becoming dehydrated. This also saves water.

5. It's a family effort. This may sound strange but the whole family can enjoy composting. Everyone can add to the bin and be a part of the process. Some kids find it fascinating to see the changes take place. It also can be used as a science experiment and great learning experience.

So have convinced you to start your own compost??

While walking with my mom, nephew and Kate we must have disturbed the bee's while they were making honey. Two attacked my face, one got me and then a third one got tangled in my pony tail. Not cool.

Since my Saucony's are making my knee/leg hurt I decided to use my trusty ole New Balances. I walked a mile on the treadmill. Thrill of a lifetime.

Banana pancakes are one of my faves for breakfast.

I think people deserve to know how you feel about them and what they've done for you. This card is to thank the staff at the nursing home where my grandpa spent his last days. I specifically thanked a few CNA's for going above and beyond their duties.

I received a surprise package in the mail! The lady who won the New Year New Goals giveaway last month lives in Malaysia. I forgot to specify if it was US only so since it was my mistake I paid a good amount for shipping (which I didn't mind at all) and it made her so happy. She sent me this package of socks for my whole family as a thank you! It made my day!

Update on my injury:
I still haven't seen anyone for it because it does seem to be getting better. I've been foam rolling and icing more often. I've also stopped doing anything high impact and have been sticking to walking. I'll take slow progress over no progress!

How is your week going so far?
Do you compost?
Are you planning to have a garden this year?
Are you allergic to bees? I'm not, thankfully!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!


  1. That's cool that you compost! Last year was the first year I was able to have a garden (always lived in apratments before). I'm planning to do it again this year and was thinking about starting composting as well but I hadn't decided yet. You make it sound easy :) That's great that lady who won the give-away sent you a package!

  2. Composting is pretty easy. There are different ways to compost and different techniques to use. So before jumping in, I'd recommend doing a little research to find what's best for you and what you'llbe using it for. :-)


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