Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dental cleanings and tadpoles

Kate and I had appointments for an exam, x rays and dental cleanings today. (I apologize if that sentence wasn't quite correct..I can't seem to make it sound right)
The only other time Kate has been to the dentist was when she was three and that wasn't a good experience. She started out excited, then the nerves settled in, shed a few tears then decided (on her own) to let them do what they had to do and left happy.

No cavities and all smiles!
(That dress is her favorite thing to wear right now)
I was next but my photographer was busy playing with her goodies. No cavities for me! Yay!

Last night I gave our kids the bright idea to catch tadpoles.. we now have about 22 tadpoles swimming in two buckets out back. Great. 
Confession: I'm terrified of frogs! What the heck am I going to do with 22 frogs?? To make it worse, my kids are calling the big ones "juicy ones". Blech! 
At least they found something fun to do. -_-

So just the other day I posted about how my husband was going to get laid off by the end of this month..well he came home early today. They let him go. BUT they gave him a severance package! They paid him for the last two weeks plus to the end of this week and gave him three months worth of pay! We will have our health benefits for three months as well. We are beyond thankful with the way things ended there. He also got a call from a company in northern California that wants him to come for an interview! Just one day ago we were panicking. Today we're feeling so encouraged and hopeful that everything will be fine. 
*praising God for always providing and taking care of us!*

One bonus to Michael being home for a little while is I'll probably be able to get in some more runs. ;-) 

 Have you ever caught tadpoles?
How about pollywogs? ;-) (that's what we used to call them)
Do you enjoy getting your teeth cleaned? I do :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!!


  1. Oh how fun! I was such a tomboy growing up, I used to go catch frogs in the fields near my home when I was younger. Heck just a couple of weeks ago I took my niece out frog catching near her apartment, LOL
    I have a small pond in my back yard, and every year we used to catch tadpoles. They would grow into pretty nice size frogs, some even survive the winters. I love the ones that croak all night, LOL
    But a few years back we put fish in it, and one year I caught like 50 tadpoles and put them in it, and noticed they had all disappeared shortly after. Guess the fish just decided to eat them for a nice treat, LOL
    If you have a pond in your yard they will probably stick around, if not once they turn into frogs they'll disappear:)
    Sorry to go off, your post just made me smile and brought back so many good memories:)

    1. Haha that's alright! Glad it made you remember some good times. My brother used to catch "craw dads" and I hated even looking at them! So far we haven't seen any of those in the canal. Oh and we downsized to about 7 tadpoles. Three to each bucket and one in its own little container. :-)

  2. Congrats on the good news about the severance package and the interview! I hope that it goes well :) You're braver than I am with the tadpoles. I'm not sure I could stand to have those around!

    1. Thanks!
      We downsized with the tadpoles.. we have 7 now. Once they're frogs then we'll release them back into the canal. I've never really seen tadpoles this big so I'm thinking they may be toads! We also have tons of lizards running around right now. Oh and snakes... good ole flat, hot, farm country!


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