Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three words per photo

Daniel's track meet

Three good friends

So free spirited

Everybody line up

Snow cone = happiness

Our garden's growing!

Kate's a photographer

"Runt" and I

Ginger's so tolerable

This post took way too long to do since I'm using my not-so-smart phone.. So there might not be many posts with lots of photos because my phone doesn't cooperate very well.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!


  1. Wow, your garden looks great! I meant to plant today but the pollen was so high I'm delaying it.

    1. Ugh! I hate when my allergies are killing me! Pollen is the worst! I hope you can get your garden going soon!

  2. Great photo's! You do have a great looking garden, wish I had that much space to grow things!!!

    1. So far so good worth this garden! This is our biggest one yet. We had plenty of room at our old house but we were preoccupied with our hens. We ended up losing them to coyotes so we'll stick .tp gardens :-) so far we've been getting squash and pea snaps.

  3. Haha I know what you mean about the phone. My computer is terrible! It's basically the reason I haven't posted in a couple days! Your son is taking after you, that's so cute.

    1. Yeah he's really getting that "love for running". He's always asking if we can go to the track. I love it! I would really enjoy doing a race with him!


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