Friday, August 8, 2014

Dear Migraines, I really despise you

Let me count the ways...

1. I hate how you think you can control me by wiping me out for days.

2. How you decide to pop in and out of my life throughout the year. Giving me hopes that maybe you've gone away for good, only to return every summer.

 3. I hate how you can't be controlled. (This will change one day)

4. You sometimes surprise me in the morning but fyi, it's not what I like waking up to.

5. You've ruined too many of my good runs by throwing a party inside my head when I just wanted to enjoy my runners high.

So obviously I've been dealing with migraines again. Stress plays a huge role and boy have I had loads of that lately.

I'll be happy once school starts on the 18th but that's only a tiny part of the stress source. Other parts include Michael still being unemployed, running low on funds, missing my grandpa a ton, Michael's grandma not doing so well and dealing with other family issues. Life seems a bit out of control right now but we're still blessed.

There won't be much to report on my weekly recap on Sunday but I do have some randoms for ya. Oh by the way, I'm on Instagram (longhairedrunner87) and Twitter (Fawn Nole) now. If you care to follow me. I'm pretty addicted to Instagram and I'm also doing the #activelivingchallenge with Fit Approach and Lorna Jane.

Daniel started soccer last week. It was fun watching him practice. He's really good. :-) and I'm not just saying that because he's my son.

We harvested one of our mammoth sunflowers the other day. We baked some and realized most if the shells are empty! We read that sometimes that can happen if the soil isn't rich enough. We still have two more growing so we'll try to keep the soil fertilized and nutrient rich and see what happens. I'm curious to see what the roots look like!

We took the kids school clothes shopping where we used to live. There's a children's consignment shop there that always has plenty of gently used girl clothes. That's one plus to having a kid going into kindergarten-she doesn't care where we get her clothes from. Daniel, on the other hand, is all about name brands and what's "cool". Anyway, afterwards we went to a candy store for a little treat. I got my favorite: mint pastels.

I hope everyone had a great week! I'm looking forward to a good run tomorrow. I definitely need it!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


  1. Hi Fawn. I just found an email from you that I was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Thank you so much for your kind words.

    I would have emailed sooner but messages via were going to spam so I missed it. Problem solved :)

    Thanks again!

    1. You're welcome!
      I really enjoy reading your posts. I'm one of those "silent readers". :-)
      Thanks for letting me know!

  2. I"m so sorry to hear about your migraine problems! You probably have, but have you had your heart looked at for a hole in it? I only ask because I have had several family members and a couple of friends who had horrible migraines and after they had their hearts checked, they discovered they had holes in them some as big as a nickle. A simple in and out day surgery to fix the hole and none of them have migraines anymore. If you haven't already had this looked at, it might be something worth looking into!
    Love the look of that sunflower, wow amazing! Sad that their weren't many seeds, but still to grow something so large and beautiful:) I am loving harvesting myself, I have tomato's and cucumbers coming out like crazy:) My peppers have even started growing, yay!

    1. That's really interesting! And it makes sense. I'll definitely research that some more.
      I love getting fresh veggies from our garden! I also enjoy just spending time out there pulling weeds. :-) our next garden I'd like to plant more flowers to make it more appealing to the eye.


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