Saturday, August 2, 2014

What I've been up to

I've had bloggers block really bad lately. I just simply don't know what to post about and I don't want to bore you all with a bunch of randoms all the time..although that's probably what I'm about to do right now. There's been quite a bit going on around here so my mind hasn't been thinking about writing much.

Right at this very moment I'm sitting with my feet elevated because I stubbed my pinky toe on a training wheel while pushing my nephew on a battery powered chopper. How's that for a run on sentence!? I'm afraid it needs to be pulled & popped back out but I'm not touching it. Maybe by morning it'll be back to normal. 

Off to bed. I'll finish this in the AM.

Nope. I didn't get a visit from the fairy toe doctor... anyway here's what I've been up to lately besides working out.

Taking selfies with my salad. Because my sister needed proof that I do indeed eat and I'm not" anorexic".
(I'm getting really tired of salad though..)

More proof. I ate almost all of this burrito supreme yesterday. Then I swam my heart out in every effort to burn it off ;-)

Tried out the watermelon GU chews. Pretty tasty..although I don't recommend eating two within twenty minutes...oops. By the time I got to the gym my heart was fluttering a bit. Won't do that again. I tried a gel last week and it made me sick! I can't handle gooey nastiness before or during a workout .

I got a pedicure for the first time in forever. I'm sure you have that song in your head now. :-) my mother in law took me to the Milan Institute Beauty College and I'll be honest, I was nervous. And rightfully so... the girl that did my pedi was doing a good job until my mother in law pushed me to get "French tips". I agreed so the girl went and got the polish. She literally painted the whole tip of my toe! Skin included! I was screaming inside. The whole time I was thinking: get the French tips, she says! It'll be fun, she says!
So I kindly asked her to remove the white because it simply wasn't "me".

Watched the fam ride dirt bikes. Daniel is turning into such a stud! But I'm his mom so of course I think so. Kate finally asked to ride. I'm sure my dad was so proud.

We ended the week with a warm drive in the Stang. Old car, no AC, Windows down, just me and my boys.

So what have you been up to?


  1. Yikes, I hope your toe is better! That burrito looks so good. I'm not a fan of pedicures because my feet are in such horrible state. Of course, if I got pedicures maybe they wouldn't be so bad :(

    1. My toe is feeling better, and the good news is it wasn't jammed. It's a bit sore and its weird that it hurts as much as it does because I don't think I hit it very hard.
      That burrito was delicious!
      I don't get pedicures often, but I do keep a tool in the shower that I can scrub my feet with each time I shower. Seems to help keep the rough skin off. But I keep my callouses for running ;-)


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