Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekly Review #4 <-----whaaat?

Yep, you read that right. Week 4 is just a thing of the past. Technically I still have a few days left of this 30 day thing. BUT I wanted to share how I'm feeling standing on this side looking back.
I've lost four solid pounds and I know it's a fat loss because I ate super clean and added weights and resistance to my workouts. I feel stronger, leaner and more toned. Is my lower half where I'd like it to be? Not yet. Am I happy with the work I put in and the results I got? You bet.

This past week I toned my workouts down because my body told me to. I'm thinking all the swimming I did caused me to use muscles that haven't been used in a long time. I woke up almost every day with lower back pain, but it was muscle pain, not bone. I decided to do as little impact activities as possible just to be safe.
Monday: No impact. 1 mile walk, yoga, stretches and foam rolling.
Tuesday: 1 mile warm up walk, stretch, 10 real pushups! (I guess all the planks and swimming helped strengthen my lower back.) Bowflex: 50 each leg-resisted leg kickbacks-60#, 35 each leg-prone leg raises-60#, 50- calf raises with 10#, 1 mile walk.

Prone Leg Raises (

Wednesday: 15 minute walk/run, stretch, Bowflex exercises. (Same as previous day, plus 5 more of each move) 1 mile walk, stretch & foam roll.

Thursday: 40 minute walk, run, walk. Stretch, followed by an ice bath that felt wonderful! Although the ice melted too quickly, it still helped my aching legs. 

Friday: Gym pool-45 minutes.
I felt like supermom before leaving to go swim. I vacuumed, loaded the dish washer and made beef patties for my boys so they wouldn't starve while I was gone. (Kate was with her g ma)

Saturday: 1 mile walk, 60 calf raises w/10#, 20 bicep curls w/10#, 60 kickbacks w/65#, 40 prone leg raises w/65#. 

Sunday: (today) REST DAY! Foam roll, stretch, relax, be lazy. :-)

I made some kale chips this week and I really liked them! I put a tad bit too much garlic salt but other than that I enjoyed them!

I enjoyed every bite of my cheat meal too:

Burrito Supreme at Villa's Mexican Grill
I'm going to continue to eat healthy (maybe not as clean) and continue to workout as often as I can, but making sure to have at least 1 rest day a week.

I have some exciting news! (for me anyway)
I've decided to start training for a half marathon! I'm hoping to run the Merco Credit Union Half Marathon here in town but if it is held during warmer weather, I'll have to look for another one. I'm aiming for Spring 2015! I feel more ready now than I have in the past and I'm really excited about it. I'm planning on stretching out the training plan in Train Like a Mother since I have a pretty good amount of time. I want to continue to work on my strength because I realize now more than ever that it plays a huge part in your running performance. I'm not going to set a time goal, just to finish feeling great. I feel like I've learned to listen to my body and if any aches or pains come up, I will tone it down and make sure not to cause any injuries. 
I came into 2014 with lots of running goals, all of which pretty much went down the drain because of my IT band injury that sidelined me for about 6 months. I almost quit running altogether but I'm so glad I didn't! 
Once a runner, always a runner. ;-) Right?

So how was your week?
What's your favorite kind of food? Mexican, all the way!

I hope everyone has an awesome week! 


  1. Sorry if this gives you a double comment from me, I hit publish and then my computer did something weird:)
    You've done great on your 30 day goal, and 4 pounds is awesome, great job! Even better that you are feeling great!!!
    I'm really glad you didn't quit running, that is awesome you have picked a half marathon to start training for. Good luck on your training:)
    I do love Mexican food! But my ultimate favorite food is Pizza, I could eat it 3 meals a day and really not get sick of it, haha I know this because I did that in college alot:) ahh if I could only go back to those days eating whatever I wanted and never gain a

    1. Thanks!
      Haha I used to eat so bad before I had kids and never slept and still never gained weight! Having babies and just getting older changes everything!

  2. First let me just say, Mexican all the way! Second, I am so proud of you! I know you can do a half marathon. I can't wait to start training again. I plan on doing some half marathons in 2015 and then another marathon in spring of 2016. That seems so far away but it's almost 2015! I can't wait to watch you train!

    1. Aw thank you!
      It's not going to be easy but I'm ok with that. :-)
      I'll be rooting for you! Giving yourself plenty of time to train is very important!

  3. Wow, you're really going strong with the weight training! I'm so impressed :) I love kale chips, but if I'm being honest, I love mexican food more! Yay for the half marathon goal!

    1. Thanks! Haha I think I like Mexican food more than kale chips too! ;-)


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