Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites and an Update

I realized I take photos during the day but then I usually forget about the pics and don't share with you guys. Not today!

First Friday fave: Jamba!
Orange juice, carrot juice, kale and bananas. :-) and a cheddar tomato twist.
Next time I'm going to try one that has orange, carrot, mango, banana and soymilk.

Next fave and newest fave: Starburst Mini's. And they're unwrapped!! I'm thinking these might work on long runs as a little boost.

I'm really excited about all the green bean plants that sprouted up this week! The bigger plants are green beans but they'll grow on a bush. The sprouts will grow tall and are considered "string" beans.

This is an old photo but I love it because it totally describes both of our kids so well. Kate loves riding in the Stang with the windows down...Daniel..not so much. 

I'm not a huge dog person. I never have been. But for some reason I've been feeling more attached to our dog Ginger. She seems to doze off in some of the weirdest, yet cute, ways. I'll snap a pic of her when she's all curled up like a pretzel and share it sometime.

I'm looking forward to seeing how broccoli grows! Lookin' good so far!


I saw my eye Dr yesterday and he measured the distance of both of my eyes. My right eye protrudes more than my left. I had an appointment today with my neurologist and she was concerned about the protrusion and the pain that I have daily. She ordered an urgent MRI to rule out a tumor..but I haven't heard anything yet. My eye Dr tried to get an approval from my insurance for an MRI weeks ago but for some reason they wouldn't authorize it. I'm hoping since it's coming from a neurologist they'll approve it no problem.

So my training for a Sprint Triathlon is on hold until I get the o.k. from my Dr's. I hate this waiting period..waiting for an answer. It's a strange feeling..

Anyway, I enjoy posting about things going on in my life but I did promise I wouldn't post about depressing things so I'll try not to. :-)

How was your week?
Anyone racing this weekend?
What's your favorite kind of candy?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your eyes :( I hope you have an answer soon. And I had no idea star burst minis were a thing! That's dangerous knowledge since the individual wrapping was all that kept me from overindulging sometimes!

    1. Haha dangerous knowledge! I like that.
      My eyes are ok, it's the fear of the thought I may have a brain tumor that is really stressing me out. We take it one day at a time.. that's all we can do.


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