Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday Sharing #2

Things have been pretty low key around here lately. And as surprising as it may be, I've been enjoying doing a whole lot of nothing. I did manage to change up my blog. What do you think? I know there are some things that still need to be fixed and I'll get to it soon.


I'm supposed to be avoiding the sun but it was so inviting. Did some reading: See With New Eyes. No I didn't pick this book because of my eye situation. ;-) it's a book about God's character. It's a great reminder of God being full of love and compassion.

Warning: The following fact may gross some people out. I have been washing my hair every three nights in an attempt to make it healthier. It seems to be working wonders! Plus I'm saving money since I'm not going through shampoo and conditioner as fast. It's a win-win! 

Mini me:

Banana pancakes and almond butter. So much protein and potassium. I'm healthy like that.

My favorite mother-in-law brought me some Dove chocolates today. The little fortunes or inspirational quotes on the wrapper are usually good things to live by. Mine said: Take a moment to yourself, and: Be good to yourself today. So I did just that and ate some more chocolate.

Today we had the privilege of watching someone get baptized in a nearby river. It never gets old watching as someone becomes a new creature in Christ. This was by far the highlight of our weekend!

How is your weekend going?

Do you wash your hair every day?

What's your favorite breakfast food?

I'll be doing my first run in town tomorrow! Hoping for a good mile or just over with no pain!

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