Saturday, March 15, 2014

Retail therapy, a dinner date, frog legs and candy

Today was a busy but fun day. I needed it! I have been bored out of my mind all week so it was nice having something to do. My mom and I had a yard sale today at my house. I made $4.50! But a dollar was for Daniel and .50 was for Kate so I ended up with 3. But Michael owed our neighbor 2 so what did that leave me? $1 -_-
Anyway, enough math.

We couldn't handle the heat so by noon we packed up and called it quits. Then my sister wanted to hang out and go shopping. She bought some mud stuff that you're supposed to rub on your body then wrap it up and magically lose inches! She gave me a box and I gave her my Saucony's. No trade backs allowed.

I'll do a review in about a week ;-)

Our first stop was right next door to us which is a big yard sale shop. I bought Kate a bracelet made from shells for a quarter.

Our next stop was a cute little thrift store in town.

We weren't feelin' the whole thrift store shopping so we headed to Target then Marshall's.
Somehow I always end up in the activewear.

These candy packs were pretty cool.

If these weren't so fattening I would've bought them. Pillar of strength.

After a lot of browsing we met up with our guys and went out for Chinese.

The guys decided to try a frog leg...I couldn't watch for long. I'm terrified of frogs so just knowing they were eating a leg from what seemed like a bull frog grossed me out beyond explanation.

Then we went over to the mall and browsed some more, bought a skirt that I'll be taking back and then got some candy for dessert.
We need one of these in our house.

My sister has a moustache on her car mirror. I couldn't help myself.
I definitely needed some grown up conversations and laughs today. I enjoy being a stay at home mom but I can only handle having five year old conversations for so long. I'm looking forward to tomorrow: a morning run in town, group Bible study, fellowship and some good food!

So how was your Saturday?
Have you tried frog legs? They said they taste like a cross between fish and chicken...

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!


  1. Sounds like you had a good weekend! Those chocolate covered potato chips look interesting. I had a pretty good weekend starting with a great run Saturday morning. But there was some knee pain afterward so hopefully that goes away soon.

    1. Aw I hope your knee is feeling better! When there's pain, our bodies are just telling us something ;-) I really do hope it goes away!

  2. Awe! I love the new look!!! Sorry it took me a while but I'm back now!


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