Monday, March 10, 2014

My first attempt at cooking a whole chicken

As I was thinking of what to make for dinner tonight I remembered we had a whole chicken in the fridge that needed to be cooked. Usually my husband is the whole bird cook, not me. But he wasn't home so who was left to cook this thing? Kate couldn't, so it was up to me to get the job done.

I can barely handle cutting the skin off chicken thighs, let alone handle a whole dead bird! But I thought I'd surprise the fam with a roasted chicken.

I looked up a recipe then got to work.

I unwrapped it and laid it in the pan. The wings and legs fell to the sides. I thought, "that does not look right."
I started to cut the skin off when remembered that's what gives it flavor and helps keep in moisture. (That's why the legs fell)

Then I realized there was a bunch of brown junk inside it so I picked it up and shook it over a bowl so the "innards" could fall out. There was no way I was putting my hand inside that bird!

I tied the legs and wings up because it still just wasn't looking right.

I gave it an oil massage then seasoned it up. Oh and I put some onion wedges inside of it.
Now it was looking more like something we could eat!

I baked it at 225 degrees for about five hours and basted it every half hour or so.

I'd say it turned out pretty good for a first timer! It was a tad bit dry but thankfully we had mashed potatoes and gravy to moisten it up. No one complained at dinner so I'll take that as a win! Maybe next time I won't be so afraid to touch it.

Oh and just fyi, this is what happens when you play with a five year old and a sticker book.

And this cheese is on sale at Costco for 3.89!

How was your Monday?
Can you handle raw meat or whole hens?

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!


  1. lol... I love the stickers :) And good job on the chicken, I count every meal without complaints as a win!

    1. Thanks. It turned out ok.
      I'm glad we played with stickers and not markers!


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