Monday, April 14, 2014

Getting back on track

I'm happy to report that I've eaten very well this week and I even did a workout and have been icing and foam rolling.
I'm even happier to report that I shed two solid pounds as well! :-)

I bought these guac cups that I've been eyeing for some time. They're great with pretzel crisps or used as a spread on pita bread.

A not-so-funny story:  on Saturday my mother in law was making ceviche and she asked me to cut up the jalepenos. I said sure, cut em up then rinsed my hands. I felt a little splash of water on my lip then rubbed it off not even thinking I just handled jalepenos. My lips were on fire! They felt like they should've been as red as a tomato. The burn doesn't end there..Michael and I left to go to dinner and about 20 minutes later I rubbed my left eye with one finger. My eye burned like nobody's business! I have never, in my life felt pain like that! The skin next to my eye burned too! After about ten minutes I was able to open my eye. Of course we had a good laugh after we realized I was going to be ok. Those things should come with a warning label.
It was Michael's idea for me to take a selfie with an injured eye.

Moving on..

Dinner was so bad I don't even want to talk about it. I will say this though: I absolutely hate buffets. They give me anxiety and Michael knows this.

We did go to Trader Joe's and got some goodies and some food for me for the week

These are delicious!

We ended the night with The Book Thief. It looked like such a good movie but it left us saying, "huh?!" Weird ending.

Sunday morning we woke up and since the kids stayed with their grandparents this weekend we decided to take the Stang up to the mountains. (Where we used to live and would love to live there again)
Every time we come to visit we always roll the windows in this spot. It smells so good!

We went to breakfast at our favorite restaurant in town: Perko's. I'm sure you're thinkingthat place isn't anything special. Well, this particular Perko's was our favorite because it has had the same owners for years, the employees are mostly older women that are so sweet and they remember you every time you come, and the breakfast is really good and consistent. A woman named Dolly was our waitress and after a few seconds she said hey! Long time no see! :-) it was as if we never left.

We visited Michael's dad then grabbed a snack before heading back down the hill. These are currently my favorite almonds.

My father in law has been trying to find me a jacket for months. He bought me a hoodie but it was way too big. Then he found a really nice coat that had a thin jacket inside but that one was too big as well. So he finally found me this:
All I can say is, "I'm ready to ride." ;-)

How was your weekend?
Did you do anything spontaneous?
What's your favorite snack from a gas station?

Have an awesome Monday everyone!!


  1. I'm a spontaneous person for sure. But I'm also a planner! I can't wait to follow your tri training. And I love combos from the gas station. Best road trip food.

    1. I'm a planner too but only for birthdays or special occasions. I found an old planner book that I'm going to be filling out in the next day or so to get my training plan all set and ready to go! I get butterflies just thinking about it!

  2. OMG - I did the jalapeno thing, too. My hands were on fire for 2 days! I called my brother (he's a chef) and asked what I should do and he said (without missing a beat) "wear gloves next time!"

    1. Haha that's funny. My sister told me to dip my hands in a water bleach solution because the jalepeno juice isn't water soluble so ruining or even washing doesn't help much. :-/ ya live and ya learn!

    2. I tried every wives' tale on the internet. Milk, cocoa butter... everything. I put saran wrap on my hands to get my contacts out. Brutal! Gloves from then on out!

  3. Sorry about the eye, but I hope you don't hate me for smiling because that sounds like something that would happen to me:)
    Great job on the weight loss though!
    Hmm my favorite gas station snack, they are those smartie suckers, I love those things:)

    1. Haha! That's ok. We laughed so hard even though it hurt so bad! I don't know if I've ever had a smartie sucker. I remember having those huge powdery things that taste like smarties but didn't have a stick. I'll have to look for one next time we take a road trip.


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