Thursday, April 10, 2014

I seem to have fallen off the blogger planet

Boy have I been in a rut lately!
But even though I haven't been posting, I've been a silent reader to most of the blogs I follow. I'm hoping I'm not the only one but every now and then I get in this funk where I just. Don't. Care.

I haven't even kept up with my exercise and I *gasp* gained 4 lbs. I'm so ashamed...ok not really.

But I'm back for now to update you all who care on what my life has been like.

Kids. Kids. And more kids. Today I get to hang with the handsome fella in the middle. (Emma on the left has a diaper on. Don't worry. She got away from me after I changed her and she won the pants fight.)

My sister babysits Emma for our brother but since she was busy being on vacation at Disney Land I got the privilege of watching her for two days. That sounded bad.. it was fun hanging out with her and Kate enjoyed having someone to play with.

The below picture is Evil Fat Annie. That's her real name. And it suits her well. We had to be on constant guard because we never knew where she'd be hiding. Of course she decided to hang out where the kids like to play..
There she is. Waiting for someone to pet her anywhere other than her head so she can tear their hand off. Evil.

So what did the kids do? They built a barrier with toys.
Smart kids.

Our garden is growing and we had a couple nice surprises. The watermelon and spaghetti squash sprouted!

The weather has been in the 80's so the evenings have been perfect for walks. I'm still having some knee pain when I run any more than 2 miles so I definitely need to be more proactive with icing and foam rolling. I know that running is my anti-depressent so I need to step it up. I'm done being in a slump and so over this pity party I've been throwing for myself.

Time to just let it all go.

Afterall, I've got a triathlon to train for

So how do you fight off the "I don't care" attitude?

Tell me one of your goals for this year! It'll motivate me :-)

Enjoy your Thursday everyone!


  1. The photos of the kids are so cute! I love the barrier :) Definitely hang in there, I definitely have those "I don't care" moments too. I think everyone does. I let myself wallow for a bit and then try to fight it by "forcing" myself to start a new project or something I know I enjoy. It can be knitting a new scarf, going out and taking photos, etc. Just something to take my mind off me for a bit. I used to volunteer at the animal shelter. Though it was hard work, it always made me feel better after time with all the cute kitties. Finding out I was allergic to cats put a stop to that :(

    1. Thanks. I used to volunteer at a pregnancy center every Friday. I taught prenatal and parenting classes. It was nice to feel like I had purpose. :-) I know my purpose right now is to be the wife and mother my family needs me to be. And I'm so glad I found running as my outlet to relieve stress.


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