Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Gonna cheer on some runners!

On Saturday May 3rd, there's going to be a Stroke Awareness 5k about ten minutes from where we live. Since I'm still trying to increase my miles the smart way I decided not to run it. Instead Michael and I will be cheering everyone on from the sidelines holding some signs I made today. I also want to get some "clappers" or noise makers to make it more fun.

I found some cardboard, plugged in our color printer, googled some ideas and about half an hour later I had some signs.

What's the funniest sign you've seen while running?

I almost used "this is the worst parade ever" but I wanted to be a little more encouraging. ;-)

Keepin' it short n sweet tonight. Goodnight everyone!


  1. That's awesome that you're going to be cheering the runners on! I've never been a spectator at a race yet. I did see a photo of some funny signs recently. One said "May the Course be With You" and the other said "Show Congress how You Run DC."


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