Friday, April 25, 2014

My Friday Five

1. First and foremost I am extremely happy to say that I am all clear to start training for that triathlon! I got the results for my brain MRI and everything came back normal! No tumor! Although that doesn't give me relief of any pain but now I can sleep better at night and I can research natural ways to fight off migraines.

2. Since I have never done a triathlon I am learning about everything that I will need. My father in law has a road bike that he will no longer be using so he said he will give it to me along with any accessories he has! I'm hoping it's a good fit so I can check that off my list of things I need.
I'm sure I'll find this out the hard way ;-)

3. I am kid free for the rest of today and tonight!! What ever shall I do? For now I'll blog, read, watch Pride and Prejudice, lay around, maybe clean some things, and I'm very tempted to go for a run out in the rain. The possibilities are endless!

4. I'm on a quest to find my running shoes. I have New Balance 490's in black and pink. If anyone knows of a good shoe website that carries New Balance please let me know! P.s. I don't like the silver and pink ones from Famous Footwear.

5. I saw a quick recipe on HungryRunnerGirls's blog for chicken taquitos. I'm making some as we speak. Or as you read..whatever. I couldn't find the uncooked tortillas so I bought cooked corn tortillas and then I found some Artisan blue corn and flax seed blend tortillas. I'm also making homemade Spanish rice. If it turns out, I'll share the recipe.

How was your week?

I'm working on a few other posts..I know I was MIA this week. My mind was pretty consumed.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


  1. Yay, great news from the MRI! I'm glad you're cleared to begin training. I hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I'm so happy and so excited for you! Great news about the MRI! I am going to live vicariously though you for the next 10 months okay!? I miss running soooo much!

    1. Haha ok! Can you run during your pregnancy? I've heard of some women running through their pregnancies but I know every pregnancy is different. I'll think of you every time I go for a run! I'm also thinking of switching to a duathlon first then later doing a tri.


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