Thursday, July 3, 2014

My thought process during yoga & meditation

As a runner I think incorporating yoga or another form of stretching into your weekly schedule is extremely important.

I like to use my time during yoga to meditate as well. Since starting this routine about three weeks ago, I've felt much more relaxed, centered and carefree. I've been feeling more balanced physically, mentally and spiritually.

Today as I started yoga & meditation, I began to realize that some of the stretches went so well with my thoughts as I meditated on God.

Meditation for me is alone time with God..without words, without reading and without distraction. Just me, my thoughts and my Creator.

I wanted to share with you my thought process as I meditate and stretch. I am in no way, trying to force my beliefs on anyone. I understand everyone believes differently and I'm just simply sharing how I'm learning to be spiritually fit. For me.

I found a great playlist on YouTube of relaxing piano music. I've used this same playlist multiple times and I still enjoy listening to it.

I begin at the edge of my mat. Standing with my feet shoulder width apart. As I breathe in, I lift my arms and look up.
"Thank you Jesus, for another day of life."

As I exhale I bring my arms down, pushing any negativity down.
"I'm letting go."

Inhale up and smile as I reach towards Him.
(Repeat as many times I feel I need)

As I move into the different poses (some created by me that aren't technically yoga) I continue to focus on God. I thank Him for making me strong and healthy.

As I move into "warrior pose" and lean down towards the front leg, I lift my arm up and think, "take my hand, don't let me fall."

This process takes anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. (That's usually all my kids can stand to leave me alone for)

I end standing, feet firmly planted, fingers stretched down like roots, "Lord, I am yours. I am firmly planted. I will not be moved."

Then I finish with prayer, Bible reading and usually some writing.

If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, depression or high levels of stress, I strongly recommend meditation. Even if it's simply taking time out of every day to sit and focus on just breathing. It will do wonders to your mental health. As well as your spiritual health. I feel, as a stay at home mom, I can handle a lot more during the day if I begin my day with meditation, yoga/stretching and prayer.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! 


  1. Great post! Yoga is something I have honestly never tried. Although I have tried Pilates before:) Sometimes I use walking and running as my meditation time, I guess you could call it that:)

    1. Thanks! I love yoga! It's so relaxing! ... when my kids let me get through at least 20 minutes of it! ;-)


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