Saturday, July 5, 2014

The race we almost missed and some fireworks

Michael and I ran the 2 mile Run For Independence race here in our hometown.

We had a great run and the course wasn't bad but we almost missed the start!

The race was scheduled to start at 7:30am so we woke up at 6 so we'd have plenty of time to get there and pick up our bibs and t shirts.

We ended up running a little late, left the house at 6:45, but we still had to drop off our daughter at Michael's mom's house. We made it to registration ten minutes before the race started! We needed to put our shirts in the car so we jogged over to the car then came back to where we thought was going to be the starting line, only to find no runners in sight! (The website said the starting line will be on the strip behind the library...which is where we got our bibs)

We asked a volunteer if the race started and she said "I think so"... -_-
How do you not know for sure if about 400 runners started running or not?!

Michael started taking off his bib and I almost started to cry. No joke.

I (thankfully) asked a guy if the race started and he said he didn't hear the gun. So I asked where the starting line was and he pointed us down the street! We ran almost a quarter of a mile to the start, had about one minute to catch our breath then we were off.

What a fiasco!

The course was flat and went through the city of Atwater. It was marked well and had a clear turn around point for the 2 mile runners.

I finished in 17:04!! I was surprised to see 17 minutes on the clock when I was coming in! Michael finished in 14:20! We both placed 4th in our age group!
This race isn't anything fancy but I can see it being a traditional race every year since it takes place in our hometown.

Hot and sweaty but happy. Funny story:
We both HATE running late so we were both really touchy and saying some not so nice things to each other. I'll share our exchange of words:
Me-"what are we gonna do with our shirts? We don't have time to go back to the car!"
Him-"it doesn't matter! I t's just a t shirt and it's only two miles. Wrap it around your neck and use it as a sweat rag."
Me-"I'll wrap it around your neck and choke you with it."

Here's the funny part: as soon as the race was over, we were all smiles and high fives. :-) runner couples...

The photographer snapped a picture of me before the finish so I'm waiting for those to pop up on the website.

After the race we went home to shower and change. Then we went and hung out at Michael's mom's house and watched The Lorax.

We had dinner at my mom's then for the first time ever we drove out to the Air Base Museum to watch the firework show. Our kids loved it! We had a busy day but it was a lot of fun.

On a random note, our mammoth sunflower bloomed!!

Have you ever missed a race that you registered for?

How was your weekend? 

Have a great Monday everyone!!


  1. Congrats on both placing 4th in your age group, that's awesome! And I'm glad you managed to make the start after all that stress. I can't believe the volunteers didn't know where the start was or whether the runners had left.

    1. Thanks!
      It was like a disaster dream! But it all turned out fine. :-)

  2. ha ha you will always remember that race together! It's cute you two run together! I LOVE your sunflower! We got our first tomato yesterday!

    1. Yeah it was a good day. :-) I'm glad we don't stay mad for long.
      We usually start a run together, but he always speeds up the further we go! I tend to slow down the further we go... whats up with that??
      I'm planning on taking another photo of the sunflower because it's already so much bigger than the other day!

  3. That is a funny story, but good one too! Congratulations to both of you on your finishes, that is pretty awesome! To be 4th on the 4th of July:)
    I have never missed a race, but once I took the last bus to the start of a Marathon, and I had to use the bathroom pretty bad, and I remember hearing the gun go off while I was in the lovely port-o-pottie:) LOL
    Your sunflower is beautiful!!! Congrats again!!!

    1. Thanks! We sound really mean after I play that conversation over and over again in my head! The funny thing is is that what I said didn't even phase him! haha, ... maybe that's not so funny. It's great that we can "fight" then get over it within 20 minutes. :-)
      haha! I would've panicked if I was in a porta potty when the gun went off! That's hilarious! I'm guessing you shot out of there so fast!

    2. That just means you have a great relationship!!!!
      :) Yes, I did hurry, but I wasn't worried there were 6,500 runners so I figured it would take a while for them to get across the starting line:) I just joined in a littl further back in the line than I would have liked, oh well:)


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