Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So this is what I've been missing out on

We received two 45 day certificates for In Shape City from my mother in law. We redeemed them the other day and I've gone twice so far.

I focused on my legs the first day and today I swam with the kids. I absolutely loved swimming! The kids were great and very respectful of others who wanted to do laps. (We went early so there was only two other people at different times.)

(I had a swimsuit on..underneath my running shirt and skirt ;-))

Now for some random stuff..

Monica @ RunEatRepeat got me craving icy drinks from Sonic. I got a diet green tea with mango. So refreshing!

I had a cheat meal on was my first one in about two weeks. We went to the Hibachi Grill Buffet. (Chinese food) these sesame balls are my favorite "sweet treat" when having Chinese. I was good and only had two.
Confession: I'm usually not a nervous/anxious person but buffet's give me horrible anxiety! I turn into the biggest germaphobe!

My sister is planning her wedding (I'm her maid of honor :-D) and she wants us to hold "ridiculously large" flowers. I found this at Hobby Lobby..she said she loves it! I sent it as a joke... -_-
Whatever the bride-to-be wants!

How's your week going so far? 
Are you a "gym go-er"? 
Have you ever had a sesame ball? 

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!!


  1. I love that you texted it as a joke and your sister agreed! Maybe she was joking too? I have to admit I think they're kind of cool looking. I've never seen those sesame balls before.

    1. Haha knowing my sister, if she says she loves it, she loves it. It's ok because it's her wedding. :-) I'm just here to help make it a great day.
      I love those sesame balls!

  2. LOL, I love that flower! Of all the weddings I have done which are over 150 at this point, and all the ones I have been to. If she goes with that large flower, you'll be the winner of the biggest wedding flower I have seen! That is great I love it!

    1. I'm thinking this is similar to what she has in mind!


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