Thursday, July 10, 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I was a bit surprised (and happy) to find out that Kristy @ RunawayBridalPlanner nominated me for the "Very Inspiring Blogger Award". (Thank you!) It feels good to know that I inspire someone with the things I write. I thoroughly enjoy encouraging others in any way possible so if I can do it while doing something I love (writing) it's a win-win!

Kristy is one of the first people I started following when I started blogging almost a year ago. I was intrigued by all of the adventures she's been on, her goal to run a marathon in every state (19 to go!) and the structure I see in her blog/posts. I was (and still am) encouraged by her struggle with her work related injury and how it took her out of running for a long period of time.(a year or more?) It puts my little six month IT band injury set-back into perspective! She has kept a positive attitude and is still working towards her goals. Her blog is all about adventure and optimism! I think anyone who visits would enjoy sticking around to see what she posts about next!

Here are the rules for this award:
-Thank & link to the person who nominated you.
-List the rules & display the award.
-Share 7 facts about yourself.
-Nominate 15 other blogs/bloggers who inspire you & comment on one of their posts letting them know you nominated them. 
OPTIONAL: Display the award logo on your blog & follow the person who nominated you.

I came up with these 7 facts pretty fast. I could've put more thought into them, but I'm pretty open on my blog anyway, so I think eventually you'll all end up knowing way too much about me. ;-)

1. I have very poor eyesight in my right eye. Which is why I wear glasses. My left eye does most of the work. Right at this very moment, I am glasses-less (so not a word) because I drop them a lot, and the last time I dropped them the left lens got scratched and they had to be sent in to get fixed... (forgive me if this post is not error free)

2. I love sappy romance movies like Gone With the Wind and Pride & Prejudice. Any Jane Austen films will do. :-)

3. My parents spent over $4,000 on my teeth & mouth when I was 12-14 years old. I had braces for a couple years, along with two surgeries. One was to remove the skin that connects your top lip to your gums and to remove the gums in between my two front teeth. The other surgery was to remove my molars before they could grow in and mess up my freshly straightened teeth. 

4. A dream of mine is to travel the world and live with whatever I can carry with me. Maybe not for the rest of my life, but a few months would be nice.

5. We have a dog and I really do love her and she's a great dog, but I really love cats. (that was more of a confession)

6. I'm terrified of big frogs. Big, meaning larger than a quarter. 

7. I was adopted! .......... Just kidding!
My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Wow, that was a hard fact to come up with... It's a good thing I wasn't awarded with the "most interesting person award". ;-)

The blogs/bloggers I'd like to nominate all inspire me in one way or another. I read their posts daily and I look forward to what they have to say. I may not have 15 to nominate but these ladies sure know how to inspire others in more ways than just physically! In no particular order:

 Ashley @ KickAshMom
 Chaitali @ RunningAndEnjoyingtheJourney
 Ali @ AliOnTheRun
 Karey @ NuttyAboutHealth
 Lindsay @ LindsayWeighsIn
 Gelcys @ RunnerUnleashed
Stephanie @ CatLadyRuns
 Jill @ JillConyers
Joanna @ RunFastEatLots (She is busy riding 4 thousand miles for 4K for Cancer)

Take some time to check out these blogs as well as Kristy's. You won't be let down :-)


  1. Aww...thank you for the nomination! I love breakfast and Jane Austen too :). Have you read All Roads Lead to Austen? It's a memoir of a lit professor teaching Austen in Latin America, I really enjoyed it.

    1. I haven't read that one yet! It sounds really good! My husband bought me a beautiful book with 4 of her books in it.
      All this Jane Austen talk makes me want to read or watch a movie! Haha

  2. You are so sweet, made my day with what you just said about me above:)
    We are SOOO alike in the Jane Austin, I love those movies. My friend and I love the ones they put out for KUED. I love Bronte moves too, although I've only seen a couple versions of Jane:) Just thinking on it makes me wish I could sit back and watch a great movie tonight:)
    You have great teeth! I have a slight gap inbetween my two front teeth and I asked my dentist for years when I was younger for braces, but he was like, no they'll grow together.. Well they did a little but not all the way:) Now I have just got used to it and I live with my small gap:)

    1. You, me and Chaitali should start a Jane Austen fan club! Haha just kidding.
      Thanks! I do like my teeth Haha and I appreciate that my parents paid for all that work. My son inherited my "crooked teeth". He'll need braces for sure!


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