Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Review #2

It's hard to believe I'm posting my second weekly recap! I'm still going strong with the workouts and clean eating and I feel great!

I kind of got carried away with the collage making again... but it does make posting from my phone a lot easier.

Let's get started!

Monday: I was feeling a bit sluggish and this day happened to be the most humid day so far so I did a 20 minute walk/run on the treadmill. Followed by leg exercises with the resistance band and planks.

Tuesday: Insanity-Pure cardio + legs with resistance band.

Wednesday: 25 minute run + planks

So happy about my plank progress!

Thursday: Leg Day!
A combination of weighted squats, sumo squats and reverse "goddess" squats. + Resistance band workout.

If you follow me on Instagram you know where I got those sweet socks. :-)

Friday: 43 minute run! This was my longest run in a couple months! I think all the cross training is helping my endurance! Lots of foam rolling too!

Our distance is off on our treadmill so I'm not sure how far I ran but my "easy" pace is around 8:45-9 so I probably ran just over 4 miles.


Sunday: Rest/stretch & foam roll

Still going strong and looking forward to my third week! I haven't lost any weight according to the scale but I feel so much healthier. One thing I need to remember is that the number might go up if I'm adding weights to my workouts.. yes, I do struggle with the scale but I'm working on it..

I received my first prize the other day! I've never won anything so it was a nice surprise. Thanks Stephanie (CatLadyRuns) for adding in the GU samples!!

I hope everyone had a great week!
Tomorrow's a new day, let's make the most of it!

How was your week? 
Have you won anything online before?


  1. Wow, look at all those squats! I've never heard of reverse goddess squats before. How do those work? I have to work on my planks, I can't quite get to a minute yet. It looks like you really had a great week :) Oh, and it looks like you changed up your blog a bit. I like the new look.

    1. My legs were like jello after all those squats! I learned the reverse squats from Jillian Michaels' killer buns n thighs. You squat all the way down (butt down) then raise up to regular squat position. So the "squat" actually goes up instead of down. I really like the reverse squat because you don't have to do a ton to feel it.
      Thanks! I still have a few things to fix on the blog but I like the brighter look too. The previous one was a bit dark.

  2. You go girl! Remember when I was good at squats... ahh... What have I done with my life. haha. You are motivation me!

    1. Aw thanks! You were motivation for me too!! I'm glad I can return the "favor".

  3. Seriously, you crazy girl I am in awe of you! 200 squats, very very impressive!!!!!
    Great job on your healthy eating too! The scale is a bugger sometimes, but eventually it will match up. Feeling good is the most important part! I notice for myself I can go a few weeks without losing a pound and then all of a sudden I will drop 2-4 over night when my body finally says "okay, you've been eating good for weeks, I'll let go of that fat on your waist and butt" LOL

    1. Haha! Thanks!
      I know if I keep eating healthy the fat will come off at some point. It's the stubborn areas like my thighs that frustrate me. But then I start to realize everything my body can do and how far I've come. :-)


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