Sunday, December 29, 2013

Date night and making progress

Friday night the hubs and I were kidless so we went to Costco and ordered my glasses and a pizza. Pretty cool how you can get just about everything at Costco. 

I had some fresh eggs to give to my sister so we stopped by her house to eat and drop off her eggs. We ended up staying for a few hours. We played interactive video games. I'd say it was a pretty fun date night. Pizza and video games. Every girls dream right? 

The guys playing gladiator.

Trying to play just dance. 
Look at that skill.

Me: I'm so confused!!

This game is super addicting and it really can be a workout once you learn the moves. I might've worked off one of four slices of pizza that I ate.

Saturday morning + no kids = running with the hubs outside.

Since I'm still suffering from an IT band strain we stopped at big five to buy a strap so I can run longer than half a mile. 

It seemed to help a lot. Once my legs warmed up I was able to run 1.25 miles and only had to walk two very short times. I was very pleased to see progress. Last week I could only run half a mile before the pain set in. 

After our mini run we got breakfast at Carl's Jr. Steak and egg burrito for me and the hubs got the country something.

I was in a good amount of pain later in the day so I won't be running much for a couple days. But it sure felt good to run outside. 

How's your weekend going? 
Have you ever played Just Dance?

Have an awesome Sunday everyone! We're off to enjoy some fellowship and turkey. :-)

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