Sunday, December 15, 2013

Three words & a rant

Hamstring tendon strain.

Why do injuries happen? 
Just days ago I was running effortlessly and pain free. I felt like I could run forever. Then BAM! My body protests about what I've been doing and causes me to have to stop running for who knows how long! K rant over.

I'm not too upset with my body since I realize it was most likely my fault. We got a treadmill and it was all fine and dandy until I decided to get a run in just about every day when I never ran daily before. I upped my miles way too fast so this is my body's way of saying hello you shouldn't do that! I may have found my chi but I'm not invincible.

Yes, yes it does. It's a pain in the butt too.

I woke up this morning feeling a lot better and just because I mentioned feeling better my husband threatened to hide my running shoes. I guess he knows how stubborn I can be. He took me out for some retail therapy which helped take my mind off running for a few minutes.
Steel cut oatmeal with blueberry and blackberry topping from Jamba. This was so good I wouldn't even consider it breakfast. More like dessert.

New running shirt. WITH thumb holes! Mind back on running. I could wear this shirt all winter long.

 White chocolate kisses with candy cane bits. Need I say more?
 Gold's Gym foam roller.
Something I've needed for a long time. Every runner needs one.

So I'll be sitting out of running for a little while. I better treat my body better if I want to run at all. I'm learning that even if it feels ok to keep going, I still shouldn't up my miles so quickly. The foam roller, iced rice bag and some ace wrap will be my friends for a while. And maybe I'll try some stretching too. What's up with runners forgetting to stretch? I know I'm not the only one.

Enjoy your Sunday! Run a mile for me please! :-)

How was your weekend?
Suffering from any injuries?
What's your favorite candy?


  1. Stopping by from Up and Humming :) I know I wasn't stretching as much as I should have need and I had issues with Hamstring Tendonitis too, just before my first 10k race. I found out that the main cause for it is actually tight hip flexors! My massage therapist recommended gentle yoga stretches to open up the pelvis and hips before a run and plenty of stretching for the hips after a run. Since I started practicing this on a regular basis I no longer have any issues with my hamstrings.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the advice! I definitely will do these things. I'm planning on running my first 10k in February so any advice is appreciated!

  2. I want a long sleeved shirt with thumbholes - I am obsessed with them but its never cold enough to wear them so I haven't bought one yet. I thiiiink I may be getting one for Christmas though - lots of boxes keep coming in from places on my wish list :-)

    1. Ooh that'll be nice :-) I seriously was tempted to wear that shirt out shopping today. But I didn't. I'll save it for my first run back in town when my leg feels better.

  3. Stopped by after you visited my blog - thank you for the comment and the follow!

    Your story sounds a lot like mine - my Achilles tendonitis began (I think) when I crash-trained for my first half...I won the entry so it wasn't a planned race, and I had only 6 weeks to get ready; I had not even run my first 10K at that point! So I doubled my weekly mileage within a single month, and then ran that half on a beach, barefoot - d'oh!! I made an awesome time, but it cost me 2 months of rehab before I could run even one mile again :(

    I made a totally different mistake going into training for my first full marathon - I ran too long in the same shoes, over 600 miles. The last two runs were another half, and then a 15-miler the next weekend - nearly crippled myself, could barely walk for a week. I took 2 weeks completely off, bought new shoes, and started again SLOWLY. Rest and stretching is the cure - give yourself a chance, and your body will heal - trust the process, and you'll be back on the road before you know it!

  4. Thank you! Running is such an awesome learning experience. I'm finally learning to listen to my body and I know I'll benefit in the long run.-no pun intended. :-)


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