Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stuck inside

I'm a day behind in my posts. Yesterday was the first super cold day so Kate and I stayed inside. All. Day. Long.

I did manage to have a productive day. Got our bathroom clean, finally. Did part of killer buns n thighs then ran 3 miles on the treadmill. For some reason I sweat way more when running on that thing than when I run on the road or track. Weird.

After my workout I had a hot shower and made something warm for lunch.

Kate and I pretty much just laid around for a couple hours after lunch. Then when my son got home from school we went to one of my favorite places: Jamba Juice! Daniel got a gift card from school for selling a whole box of chocolate bars.

 This is usually what I get. Orange and carrot juice with a wheatgrass shot.

Razzmatazz and all that jazz! Oh, sorry. Jamba always takes me back to when I worked there. He picked a good one. And an apple cinnamon pretzel. :-)
I would be so depressed if they ever went out of business.

Ended our day with spaghetti made by me and then Bible reading with the kidlets.
These noodles are really good! Made from carrots and tomatoes.

My kids make me smile. He was wearing pink heart glasses and earmuffs. One cool dude right there.

I hope everyone had an amazing Tuesday! Today (Wednesday) is even colder than yesterday so I'm thinking it's going to be another day at home.

Ever been to jamba juice?
What's your favorite smoothie or healthy drink?
What do you do to keep busy or keep from going stir crazy when stuck inside?


  1. I've only gone to Jamba Juice once, back when I was in high school visiting California. I didn't like the tapioca balls at the bottom, and so I never had it again. That seems pretty silly now that I think about it. Your juice sounds great!

  2. Hm tapioca balls? I wonder which smoothie you had. I love jamba but now it's getting too cold for cold drinks and it's a bit pricey. But still so good!


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