Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What I ate & What I did Wednesday

Today was FREEZING! The air was dry, the sun was shining but it. was. cold! Cold is an understatement. Here in Central California, anything under 50 degrees is FREEZING! According to me, and probably many other Californians. Right now it is 37 degrees...Like I said, freezing. 

Started my day off with some chia water. 

I woke up with good intentions to be super healthy...well turns out I wanted candy today. I'm usually not a big candy eater, so I figured it was ok. I've been thinking about skittles a lot lately so that was my candy of choice.

I thought Kate and I would stay indoors all day but the sunshine was alluring.
 It turned out to be false advertisement. We decided to go to the park but lasted only about 10 minutes once we got there. Looks can be deceiving..
This girl does not care how cold it is outside. She's just happy to be out of the house! 
(FYI- I searched all over her room for leggings or tights. Looks like I need to go shopping. And it's a good thing we were only out there for 10 minutes)

Mouth full of skittles

Her poor little nose was turning red so we played on the swings for a few minutes then raced to the truck to get warm. 

I've been getting in more workouts lately. Which is a good thing. Today I woke up pretty sore so I was planning on just doing some yoga but I was tired of being cold so I did Pure Cardio from Insanity. I was dripping sweat before it was over. I earned that hot shower. 

I made Creamy Chicken Fajita Soup for dinner and everyone loved it! It was "soup-er" good! K that was my corny moment for the day. I got the recipe from I love how most of the recipes use ingredients you probably have in your kitchen. I'll post the recipe link under the "recipes we love" tab.

I used dark red kidney beans instead of black beans. That's all I had. Still tasted amazing! 

I ended up having more candy than planned..My husband bought two World's Finest chocolate bars from some kids selling outside the grocery store. I ate 3 squares from those. I also had a couple or five red licorice that my mother in law brought over. I should be good on sweets for a while. At least until Sunday when I make the donut cake that I got from the above website. 

Enjoy your Wednesday night!

How was your day?
What's your favorite candy? or goodie?
Did any good workouts lately? 
Do you tend to hibernate like a bear during the winter?


  1. It was 70 degrees yesterday here in Missouri and as I type its freezing and icing! I really don't want to go anywhere! I love staying home and throwing on some chili or soup and letting it cook all day. I'm secretly hoping Braiden gets off school early. Insanity is KILLER! I have the DVD's and there is a guy that teaches it at my gym that I take every once in a while. I seriously think classes/videos are the best workouts you can get.

    1. We don't get weather like you get but I'm thankful for that! I like cold weather more than the summer though! I love Insanity. I did 30 days and I lost 15 lbs. I get bored easily so I have to change up my workouts every so often when using dvd's.


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