Friday, December 13, 2013

Off to a good start

Yesterday I woke up and decided I needed a day to sort of detox since I've been eating so many goodies and too many carbs. I got off on a good start by making some carrot and chia seed juice and lots of water. Why is it that when I tell myself I'm going to be super healthy or do a detox I want to eat everything in sight? Fast forward to dinner and I had some amazing potato and broccoli chowder/soup. 
That I made. :-)

Most of my days, ah who am I kidding, all of my days are spent with my daughter and our dog. Here are some photos of what those two do all day to keep me entertained.
Guess who's in there
She was dancing her heart out, in her chonies, then stopped and said "word".
We always try to go visit my nephew while my mom is watching him. Isn't he the cutest little guy??
Meet Ginger. She's the best dog anyone could ask for. She's a very "go with the flow" kind of dog. She even lets our kids dress her up. If she ever feels annoyed she just gives a little growl and moves away from them. 
I'm not sure who took the wings off of her but I bet she would've just lived with them on. She obviously knew how to lay down with them. 
Working on some invitations for Kate's 5th birthday. Boy how time flies!

One of my nephew's is turning 8 tomorrow (well technically not til the 19th) and his party is a dress as your favorite super hero party. Kate's going as wonder woman. I'll take lots of pics cuz I bet you're all dying to see what she'll look like. Daniel's going as the first spiderman. He's old school like that.
I'll be making Kate's costume. Let's hope it turns out ok. 
Potato broccoli chowder. The soup that makes everything better. I'll post the recipe under the "recipes we love" tab. Another winner from! With added broccoli and no toppings.

I'm taking it easy today since yesterday my left knee decided to protest against me running. It hurts as I'm standing here posting from my phone. Why am I standing? I do not know. I sure hope it isn't serious..I know I've upped my weekly miles ever since we got a treadmill..runner problems.

How has your week been?
Dealing with any injuries?
What's your favorite soup or chowder? Please share!

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