Monday, December 23, 2013

Random stuff, an attempted run and some goals

This weekend was full of fun stuff. The kids and I went to my sisters house to make sugar cookie houses. 

Kate + sweets = trouble

My sister and my big kid, Daniel.
They take their cookie house decorating very seriously.

Can you guess which one took first place? 

Hot cheeseburger dip. Delicious. I'll post the recipe under the "recipes we love" tab. 

Please tell me all guys sit around and play video games when they get matter how old they are.
The game was pretty intense. 

This little guy has my heart.
(He's saying "cheeese"!)

Kate found a new bff. 

Fast forward to today (Monday)
 My husband has been taking care of our neighbors chickens while they're out of town and look at how any eggs we got! This is from about four days of laying. There are 51 eggs!! Omelettes anyone?

The hubs and I went out on a little date tonight to The Black Bear Diner. For some reason sandwiches sounded good. 
I got The Gobbler. Turkey, avacado, tomato, a little mayo and cranberry sauce on sourdough. A-mazing!

So after much research and an attempted treadmill run that ended in pain, I have a minor strain (I refuse to use the word injury) in my IT band which is causing my knee to ache when running. I'm hoping to fully heal before the new year. 

A couple goals:
I plan on signing up for the 14 races in 2014. My goal race will be a 10k but could change. 

I'm looking into starting a group in our county for Girls on the Run. I would love to be a mentor for young girls to help build their self esteem and help get them on the right path to a healthy life.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! 

What are some of your goals for next year? 
Have you heard of Girls on the Run? 
Are you a stubborn runner like me?

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