Wednesday, November 13, 2013

5 Miles!

I'll be sending off my registration form for the 5 mile run in the next day or so! I'm so excited since I've never ran more than 4.5 miles. This should be fairly easy, yet challenging. I'm happy to be getting my miles up. Finally! Starting to feel like a real runner!

I think I posted this photo before, but it's so true. In running and in life, you can't be stagnant. Ya gotta keep moving forward. 

I was hoping my husband could join me in this race, but he is taking a break from running due to a torn ligament in his knee. I know he'll be cheering me on from the sidelines though! Even if he is slightly jealous I'm running and he's not. There were plenty of times when I was pea green with envy that he was running and I was sitting on the couch icing my stress fractured feet. 

Dr. Seuss is one clever fella. 

And this is me..trying to think of clever things to put on my blog but I'm all out.
 This chili sucker isn't helping much either..just giving me some trouble with my acid re-flux.

Enjoy your night! Time to relax..just kidding. That doesn't happen until AFTER the kids go to bed.

Signed up for a race? What's the distance? 
Do you have any favorite candy from your childhood? -Chili mango suckers bring me way back. 

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