Friday, November 15, 2013

Warning: this post contains the words Throw Up

This is usually how we wake up. All smiles.

But today was different. This is how I felt.
And here is why:

Last night was a nightmare. Kate woke up around midnight with some post nasal drip going on (gross, I know). She had one of these nights a few weeks ago and it was horrible! For both of us. She HATES throwing up, who doesn't? But last night she remembered that when her nose is draining, it might make her throw up. She must have a really sensitive gag reflex like her daddy. So she wakes up around midnight, I get her back in bed, calmed down.

As soon as I go back to my bed, get comfy, here she comes again. Boom boom boom boom boom go her footsteps through our raised foundation house with wood floors. I get back up with her, give her a drink of water, a couple saltines because she said her tummy was feeling bad, prayed with her then went back to my bed. Same thing keeps happening..over. and over. and over again. We ended up on the couch, together. Which does not work well with a 4 (almost 5) year old. I felt really bad for her because she kept whimpering because she was freaked out about throwing up. There wasn't anything I could really do for her besides comfort her. So I stayed up with her from 1am to about 3am.

 I moved over to the loveseat because I just couldn't get comfy once she fell asleep. As soon as I dozed off, she starts barfing. All the way to the bathroom. Gets to the bathroom and decides to throw up on the rug instead of in the toilet. Can't say I blame her for that one. Her brother still doesn't know how to aim. I get everything cleaned up, we settle back in the living room, her on the big sofa, me on the tiny loveseat. Perfect. We sleep until the coffee pot turns on automatically at 6:10am. Boom. She's wide awake and ready to talk my head off. Yikes what a night! But I will say this: It gave me a good excuse to lay around in lazy clothes all day and not get in a workout because I had a splitting headache. Drank two cups of coffee, 1 cup of tea and later had a diet pepsi. Still not awake and totally looking forward to bed and it's only 4:30 pm.

She redeemed herself by rubbing my feet.
 Then asked me to rub hers. -_-

We did go to town in my lazy clothes and pick up a part for my car that seems to have given up the ghost.
Rented Monsters University (which is awesome, by the way) and I'm sure we'll have it memorized before 9pm tomorrow.
Browsed Walgreens and found this cool gadget that our son desperately needs. (I promise I don't pick on him like I am in this post)
I can't decide if this is just wrong or pretty cool.

3 hours later and I'm finishing up this post. Getting ready to watch Monsters University for the 2nd time today with my little Kate and the husband. Our son is staying with his cousin tonight so Kate is living it up, enjoying being the only kid in the house. Goodnight everyone! 

-How do you deal with stressful/sleepless nights? Next day remedies or just indulge in tons of caffeine to function? 
-Do you have a favorite "kid" movie? I really like all the Ice Age movies. And Despicable Me. :-D
-Have you ever tried this Wax Vac??? Please tell what it's like to use one! But go easy on the details please. 

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