Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yoga & A Rolling Pin

Started my day off right. A little bit of Bible reading, prayer & breakfast with Kate.
My 4 year old is a great photographer
Eggs and pancakes with homemade strawberry jam. Yum!
Time for some yoga and muscle rolling
Yes this is a rolling pin and yes I’m seriously going to use it. Hey, sometimes you just have to improvise.

Aahh, hurts so good.
Feelin great!
After cross training this week and lots of stretching and rolling, I should get in a really good run tomorrow. Seems like I’ve been prone to injury lately or just really lagging in the energy department. Hoping for 3 or more miles!
For lunch I decided to take little miss Kate out to our favorite sandwich place. The Sub Shop. Picked up her daddy and had a nice lunch date.
Do you have a favorite place or two that you and your kids like to eat at? (if you have kids)
What creative things have you used or done to stretch out your sore muscles?


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