Thursday, November 28, 2013

Yosemite Physical Therapy Review

Yosemite Physical Therapy
(Atwater, Ca)

I want to start off by saying how pleased I am with my overall visit with YPT. I was a bit nervous at first since I've never had to go to physical therapy before, so I was unsure of what was to come. Plus, putting your body (my neck) in the hands of a stranger can be nerve racking. (No pun intended)

I suffered for over a year with horrible headaches after running as short as 2 miles. These weren't your average take-a-pill and get-over-it kind of headaches. I would need complete darkness and quiet in order to just deal with the pain. A cool rag over most of my face and propping myself up helped relieve the pain too. After lots of research I self diagnosed myself with exertion headaches. After experiencing a couple more of these devils, I finally decided to see a Neurologist just to make sure nothing else was going on. She told me I may have a hypersensitive Occipital Nerve on the right side of my neck which could be triggering the headaches.

She respected my wishes when I told her I do not want to take medication. She referred me to YPT and told me if the headaches persist then to come back and see her. 

I won't go into detail about everything that was done because obviously (in my opinion) they knew what they were doing. Here's a list of my ratings based on a 1-5 star scale. 1 being least impressed and 5 being extremely impressed.

First Impression: 5 Stars. New(er) building, always greeted with a smiling face.

Promptness: 5 Stars. The longest I've waited to be seen was probably 2-3 minutes.

Cleanliness: 5 Stars. Very clean & organized.

Teamwork: 5 Stars. Great teamwork. Everyone seems to work very well together and seems to be in-sync with one another. 

Attentiveness: 5 Stars. I never felt like I was left on my own. There was always someone checking on me and making sure I knew what I was doing, or asking if I was doing ok.

Friendliness: 5 Stars. Each and every one of the staff members are very friendly and outgoing. 

Overall: 5 Stars. (did you think I'd rate anything less?) Very comfortable and inviting environment. I'm extremely happy with my overall visit.

I've been headache free for about 3 weeks now and that is a huge relief for me. I know that there is a chance they could come back, with the help of other things like hot weather conditions, exertion and dehydration. I'm not saying that I am completely healed from headaches/migraines; but what I am saying is that going to physical therapy has helped tremendously and has taught me some very valuable things like stretches and exercises to strengthen my back and neck to reduce the risk of future headaches. 

I highly recommend Yosemite Physical Therapy to anyone who lives in the area and is looking for a professional, informative, helpful and friendly staff. 

I also want to encourage others to give physical therapy a try before turning to pain medication which could be potentially harmful in the long run and usually only "coats" the problem. 

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