Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I Did Wednesday

Today my daughter decided she wanted to be up at 5:30 am. I persuaded her to go back to bed after she got up 2 more times..I was able to doze off until about 6:45 then she came back in my room but crawled in my bed this time. By then I was ready for some coffee.

After getting Daniel to school Kate and I decided we wanted to browse around at Target. Shopping always sounds good on a cloudy day.
Totally her idea. She asks me to take her photo in this thing every time we go to Target.

I hate feeding my kids kraft macaroni n cheese..I just do. So to make myself feel better and to make my kids happy, I buy Annie's. Today I found a really cute box of farm noodles! 

Pretty darn cute eh? 
Sorry about the sideways pic. There's a tractor, cow, a barn, a bunny and a carrot the same size as the bunny. Our family loves Annie's products. 
I had a salvadorian rice and shredded chicken burrito for lunch but it was gone before I even thought about taking a pic. 

After lunch I decided to tackle this:
We just moved and we have no shed or garage..the man says if I want a treadmill then I need to organize this mess and make room for one...I conquered that task today. 
No I did not just push everything out of the way..

Snacking on these makes snacking oh so fun! 

The weather has finally changed to the cloudy rainy season so I really need a treadmill for days like today...I was being hopeful and got dressed and arranged for the kids to hang out with their g ma.. but then the sky got dark and rain started coming down..
I was sad. And so were my shoes. All work and no play is no fun. 

Even if I didn't get a run in I still had a productive day. How was your Wednesday? I'd like to know! 
Have you ever ran in the rain? 
Do you feel drawn to shopping then its cold or wet out?


  1. My kids love cuties. They ask for them all the time which is fine with me! We have a lot in common. Being a young mom is hard at times but also so awesome.

    1. Yes it's tough but very rewarding! I've had people make comments about how I still look like a teen..but I just smile and think I'll take that as a comment :-)


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