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In it for the long run

July 29, 2013
(technically, this post could go under "race recap" but I already have it copied here...)

A while back I mentioned to my husband that I'd like to run a 5k with him. Since we have kids who don't always like to go out to the track so their parents can run for what seems like hours, we usually run separately. He takes mornings before work and I usually take evenings when he gets off work.

He was a bit nervous come race day because his usual runs were about 1.5-2 miles every day. I knew he could do it though. He could hardly contain his excitement. He didn't even have to tell me how pumped he was to run this race. I could see it all over his face.

And he's all mine :-)

So we get to the college where the race is taking place and head to the pre-registration table. Get our bibs and bags and head back to the car. We arrived pretty early before the start of the 5k but I turn into a raging lunatic when we're late to anything, so it's better for everyone if we're early. Since we woke up around 6am and our race wasn't starting til 8:30, I was STARVING! I kept thinking, I don't know if I'll have the energy to run at a good pace to place if I didn't get something in my stomach. I searched the car for something to eat. I probably would've eaten a stale cracker from a lunchable my kids left in the car, but that wasn't even an option. So we pinned our bibs on, took some pics and headed back to the main are and grabbed some gatorade. Anything was better than just water at that point for me. 

Ready to "run"ble (Hm, sounds like a new running term eh?)

We decided to hang out in the back since we were starting off with the 10k'ers too. All the highschool cross country kids and college students were pretty intimidating but we managed to dust 'em anyway. Um, I mean, everyone's a winner right?

 As soon as we took off, Michael dropped his water bottle! He went back to get it and I yelled just leave it!! He didn't listen. But we were still stuck behind a bunch of people so no time lost. I felt great. Completely forgot about my hunger and ran like a champ. Passed quite a few people, got to the halfway mark where they had a water station set up and some country music playing. Nothing like a cup of cold water spilled all over you because you're a rookie when it comes to grabbing mini cups of water, running and trying to drink at the same time, and hearing "my big green tractor" at the water station, to pump you up for the last mile and a half. I threw the cup on the ground (1st time ever!) and Michael said, don't you feel like a true runner now? I said, yes, now I'm a true runner. 

I was running low on energy on the last mile so my husband kept his pace while I slowed down a bit. I set goals in my mind to pass certain women if I wanted to place in my age group. I got to the last quarter of a mile and tried passing these two girls that I thought could've been in my age group (turned out they were younger than me) and one of the girls busted out her "knife hands" and left me in her dust. I laughed because I knew there was no way I was going to catch up to her. I saw my husband finish, then I finished about 20 seconds behind him. We both ended up placing 2nd within our age groups! I was so stoked! But even more excited there was fruit and breakfast burritos at the finish! We ate and waited for our medals, then split as soon as we got them.

Ah the runner's high. There's nothing quite like it. 
(Yes, I'm aware of my thumb looking like it's broken) 

I just realized I didn't get a photo of my husband in his medal, but I did get this one.
(maybe I can convince him to put everything back on for a photo just for this blog :-))

 It was an amazing experience. Not only because we both placed, but because we ran it together. I couldn't ask for a better partner; In running a race or running this thing called life. <3

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