Monday, January 20, 2014

A not-so-motivational Monday

This morning I was kidless so I decided to go for a run in town. I was feeling very tired and sluggish but had my heart set on 3 miles. I wrapped my knee and set off. It felt good until right under a mile. So I walked a little then ran a little. That only lasted for another mile. Then I could only walk because any time I tried to run it hurt with the first step. I walked all the way back to the truck. That was the longest mile ever! I almost cried I was so frustrated. I sucked it up and took some pictures and tried to be happy that I could walk.
Isn't it beautiful? To make me even more frustrated, someone drove past and blared their horn and startled me. They did it for a good laugh..people do that to runners and bikers around here. It's pretty annoying.
This is how I felt after my "run". So I went shopping at Target.
A little Starbucks.
A new shirt and table cloth. Both on clearance!
Now that's a good deal!
This was pretty motivating so I took a picture of it. It wasn't on sale.

I stayed in my running clothes most of the day because I really wanted to get in a good workout. I ate a piece of toast with Justin's almond butter on it and then read some blogs while waiting for it to settle so I  could workout.

I did another workout from Ashley over at Kickashmom

10's Cardio Workout (x2)
40 sumo squats
Some IT band exercises from Monica @ Runeatrepeat Here's her youtube channel
Lots of stretching and foam rolling! I found a very sensitive spot in my left thigh that I will be focusing on.

Heading to bed now. Hoping for a good night's sleep. My little Kate is pretty sick so we'll see how the night goes. Goodnight!

How was your Monday?
Anyone dealing with an injury?
Any advice for me about IT band syndrome?

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  1. I'm so glad you are doing my workouts! I'm doing them as well. I haven't been wanting to go to the gym. I just want to get my workouts done and move on. Sorry about your knee. :( I'm all about clearance! I don't buy anything full price.

    1. I really like the workouts! I get so bored doing dvd's. And the treadmill is super boring! This workout I did do twice though to get a little more of a sweat going. I'm tempted to get my bike from my moms house. I could totally be biking while my IT band heals. I'm planning on going to see a podiatrist soon to see if I need orthotics. I'm really hoping I don't because they can get expensive! I love Target clearance sales! The only time I buy something full price is if it's something I kind of need right then and it's not on sale.

  2. I'm sorry the run didn't go to well, but it's great that you were able to get out there at all! I hope the injury gets better soon. Also, I can't believe that drivers go by and blare the horn like that for no reason. So rude :(

    1. Yeah that's true. I'm very stubborn when it comes to injuries. But yesterday was an eye opener for me. I cannot push my body to do something it shouldn't be doing if I want to ever run again. So I'm going to back off from running and do other things. I just hate the idea of starting all over.. I've done it way too much.
      And yes, people around here are very rude. One guy even got hit by someone who SWERVED AT HIM and thankfully he didn't die, he got some broken ribs and was in the hospital for a while. But he was running out on country roads, which I won't do.

  3. Noooooo! Not the dreaded IT band! I have struggled with this on and off for months now. I have also been to PT and now I've been cleared to start running again. I would do exercises to strengthen your glutes. Try looking online for some videos for that. Also, try getting a resistance band and using that. Again, sure you can find exercises online. I can't tell you yet whether or not that has helped me because I haven't gotten back to running yet, but I will let you know!

    1. I'm about 98% sure that's what it is. From overuse and increasing my miles way too fast. Do you know if foam rolling helps ot hurts? I heard it helps but I'm not so sure..I want to avoid PT since I was just there for a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing exertion headaches. The pain is bad some days but sometimes I can run almost pain free for a couple miles. I'm going to go see a podiatrist soon to see if I need orthotics or different shoes.


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