Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bad choices, some good movies and a nice visit

After my virtual race yesterday  morning I haven't had much down time. I should have forced myself to rest but I didn't. The kids went to stay with their g ma so Michael and I had last night and part of today to ourselves. We went to Costco and picked up a few things that we needed in bulk like mayonnaise and mickey mouse chicken nuggets. I was starving so we got some lunch from the food court on our way out. 

Hot turkey & provolone sandwich with a garlic pesto/mayo, tomatoes, and onions that I picked out, and some swirl fro yo. 
(This sandwich is seriously worth the splurge) 
This was the beginning of my bad eating this weekend. I guess you could say I was trying to drown my sorrows of taking a break from running with bad food..? NOT a good idea. I'm pretty ashamed with what I ate this weekend which is why I didn't snap any photos and share with you. I'm really not feeling good right now. Thankful tomorrow is a new day. I will definitely be detoxing for a couple days. 

Once we got home we realized we wished we had a good movie to watch so we went to good ole Walmart.
We got in a little fender bender which turned into a pretty big ordeal that took about 45 minutes to sort out because the person at fault didn't want to own up to hitting us, when both vehicles had evidence, that she tried rubbing off of our car! Anyway, not going there again. 

Walmart was fun. It was late in the evening so it was pretty quiet. Plus we didn't have the kids with us so that made it easier to browse.

$5 movie bins = good finds

Winners: Soul Surfer (Great movie!) & Pride and Prejudice (my favorite)
See those Snickers? Gone. Hey, I shared a few.

This morning (Sunday) Michael and I decided to go to a car swap meet and look at all the cars and junk. I know it's not junk but it sure looks that way until you use it on a car. I was a gimp and was slowing him down so he went ahead of me a few times. 
He looks like a man on a mission.

We also had a birthday party to go to today. We are tired! Aren't weekends meant for relaxing? Maybe next weekend. 

Around lunch time we went to visit my grandpa in the nursing home. He was living in Oregon but since he needs full time care, the family decided to put him in a nursing home here in California. I used to work there, my sister worked there and my aunt and cousin work there now. It's a five star nursing home. After our visit today I realized he is being very well taken care of. 
<3 One of the most important men in my life. <3

How was your weekend? 
Did you race? I'd like to hear about it!
Did you relax or stay busy like we did? 

P.S. Friday is my appointment with the Glaucoma specialist. I'm so nervous I had a really weird dream about it last night... Do you have dreams about upcoming events or issues in your life? Or am I really that much of an anxious person?

Enjoy your Monday everyone! 

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  1. Congrats on your race! Isn't time in the store so fun without kids. It's like a vacation! Chicken nuggets in bulk are def a must!

    1. Thanks! Yes! Shopping alone is a whole different experience!

  2. Yuck, sorry about the fender bender but I hope you're both ok. Hopefully you can get some relaxing in as that sounds like a crazy busy weekend! I had a decent weekend which was productive and relaxing at the same time somehow. I had a good run on Saturday morning despite the cold and a race coming up this Sunday.

    1. I've been forced to relax since my leg is bugging me and now I'm coming down with a serious cold or just really stuffed sinuses.
      I'm glad you had a good run!


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