Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday's Workout

I'm so happy I didn't feel as lazy as I did yesterday. It was cold and slightly windy out so I decided to do an Insanity workout. I started it then changed my mind after the warm-up. I got bored. So I did my own workout for some toning and cross training:

4 min warm-up from pure cardio
20 each arm-bicep curls with resistance band
Shake out legs/stretch
20 each leg-single leg squats 
30-sumo squats
Shake out/stretch
35-side leg raises standing up
30-jump squats
100-crunches (60 break, then 40)
Stretch and foam roll

I ate some lunch after this workout then waited about an hour then ran 2 miles on the treadmill.  

Last week I cleaned out my wallet and found a gift card for Forever 21. I ended up ordering a water bottle because let's face it, I'm not 21 anymore and I couldnt find anything I liked.
Isn't it pretty?

Lately I've been sort of like a bottomless pit. (Although I am no where near being "bottom" less) I've been getting hungry between meals which is a little strange for me. While cooking dinner tonight I had half of an English muffin with peanut butter, ate all the food on the below plate and my stomach is growling as I type this and the other half of that muffin is calling my name. I know I needed protein because I couldn't stop thinking about peanut butter. 

Oh and after dinner we went out to Yogolicious. (Frozen yogurt) Maybe my metabolism is on the high side these days..? I'm not complaining if it is! 

How was your Wednesday? 
Do you eat frozen treats during the winter? 
Do you feel like a bottomless pit too sometimes?


  1. Man, that sounds like a great workout! It's impressive that you did all that and then ran 2 miles on top of it :) I'm definitely a bottomless pit at times. I try to keep healthy snacks around (fruit, greek yogurt, string cheese) but sometimes I just want something decadent!

    1. I totally know what you're saying. Some days a carrot stick just isn't cutting it. ;-)
      I woke up this morning feeling not so sore so I think I could do this type of workout twice. Not every day of course.

  2. That warm up is more than a warm up! I did pure cardio yesterday. Looks like an awesome workout!

    1. Yeah it is! But that's why I stopped before the third round. Haha!


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