Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Catching Up

A few days last week I decided to "detox". I totally forgot to post about it. Probably because I was a little delusional from being so hungry. Just kidding. I was only a little hungry. I juiced fruits and veggies in the morning, drank lots and lots of water and had tomato and red pepper soup. I feel so much better after ridding my body of all the toxins from the junk I've been eating the past couple weeks. 

 Carrots, 1 green apple, about two handfuls of kale, half a cucumber, chia seeds and half of a lemon. 
Green apple and cucumber makes this drink so good!

After my three day detox I tried to eat healthy so I wouldn't gain weight from the shock of introducing "regular" food back into my life. I'm still drinking lots of water, although I did slip up at lunch the other day and got a diet pepsi. It just goes so well with a sub from my favorite sandwich place: The Sub Shop.

I also made some mini brownies. But that was only because we were getting ready to have Bible study and I like having a treat after dinner. Plus they were mini so less calories. 

For dinner a couple nights ago I had this:
Turkey burger with garlic salt, 1 slice of pita flat bread and Trader Joe's Japanese style fried rice with edamame, tofu and hijiki seaweed. Topped with Trader Joe's sweet chili sauce. One of my favorite meals. 

Speaking of favorites, my favorite time of the day is in the early morning hours before anyone is awake. It's just me, my coffee, a blanket and my nook. 
This is when I read the Bible and catch up on all the blogs I follow. 

Kate's princess dress all mended and ready to for her party on Saturday.
I can't believe she's going to be 5 already!

My new glasses came in! How do they look? I'm a little torn because I can see more of the frame than my last ones and the nose pieces are different than my old ones. I can see really clear so that's what matters right? I have an appointment on January 31st to see a Glaucoma specialist. They will have to dilate my eyes and they said to plan on being there for 1-2 hours! I'm a little freaked out to have my eyes dilated. Have you ever had this done? What does it feel like? 

Today I'm going to do an Insanity workout if my knee isn't opposed to it. 

Well I think you're all caught up on my life. I'm sure you're life will never be the same now. Sorry for wasting 5-10 minutes of your time. :-/ 

What have you been up to?
What's your favorite "healthy-ish" meal?

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