Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kate's 5th Birthday Party Recap

Yesterday (Jan. 11th) was our daughter's 5th birthday party. Technically she's not 5 until the 14th, but parties are meant to be done on Saturday's right? Time really does fly when you have kids. You can literally see them grow and change! It happens too fast. It truly does not feel like 5 years has gone by since I gave birth to her. 

Our Princess: 
Then 1-14-09

Now 1-11-14

He looks so thrilled to be a prince.

A few of the Princesses

The youngest Princess

This is the art easel we got her. She didn't waste any time to use it.  (She changed from a fairy princess to snow white sometime during the party.)

This is her first real doll. She has been terrified of any baby dolls since she was about 2. What's cool about this doll is that a portion of the purchase goes to girls in other countries. A portion from this one will go to Afghanistan. This was the first doll that she showed interest in.

Colton loves putting olives on his fingers. That's the best way to eat em.

My husband got a new toy a couple days before the party and really wanted me to try it out...
(A girl can do anything in a skirt)
This was intense! After the first shot and after my heart went back to beating regularly, I shot it again. :-) Turns out I'm a rifle girl. Shotguns kick too hard. It was fun to shoot but you'd definitely get a sore shoulder if you shot it multiple times in a row. 

I'd say it turned out to be a great party, even though it was a bit cold to have an outside party. The kids were jumping in the bounce house a lot so they were taking off socks and tights before too long. I was running on fumes by the end of the day. The only things that got me through the day without passing out were a bunch of vitamin c's, an elderberry and two ibuprofen. I'm still fighting off the flu but getting better. Hoping this week will be a better week to get some miles in.

On a random note: this chicken tortillini soup that my mother in law made tonight was delicious!

How was your weekend?
Have you had tortillini soup before?

Have an amazing Monday everyone!!


  1. That looks so adorable! Scarlet would love a birthday like that. She is VERY into princesses right now! Shooting guns is fun haha. But I'm a baby when it comes to kickbacks

    1. Thanks. She loved it! I get a bit OCD when planning birthday parties so I'm happy it's over. Haha!
      My husband has a .22 rifle which I really like to shoot, but when he took me to a shooting range the instructor let me shoot his handgun (which I cant remember what it was) and I really liked it. I also shot an AR 15 that day too. That was crazy! My husband took a picture and it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

  2. Fun photos, the girls look so cute in their princess attire! I love the snow white outfit with the purple hat :)

    1. That's a flippeez hat. She got two of the same kind! She has her own sense of style that's for sure!


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