Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My thoughts during a crazy workout

I'm always up for a good challenge. 
Well, today I challenged myself when I took on the following workout. 
It. Kicked. My. Butt.

This workout was found on

I did a 1 mile run before doing this workout, so maybe I would've felt a little better if I didn't.

"No Excuses Cardio #1"
(and my thoughts)

15 burpees & 1 squat: "Wow, great workout!"
14 burpees & 2 squats: "Ok, I'm a little dizzy, but nothing major."
13 burpees & 3 squats: "Break-time. My heart feels like it's going to explode!"
12 burpees & 4 squats: "I'm so sweaty!"
11 burpees & 5 squats: "My legs are gonna look so good!"
10 burpees & 6 squats: "Cramp! Right cheek!"
9 burpees & 7 squats: "Don't forget to breathe!"
8 burpees & 8 squats: "Feelin pretty good now."
7 burpees & 9 squats: "I hope I don't pass out, I'm home alone."
6 burpees & 10 squats: "Ah! I think I just lost where I left off!"
5 burpees & 11 squats: "My ankles are sweating."
4 burpees & 12 squats: "Almost. There."
3 burpees & 13 squats: "I'll be surprised if I can walk tomorrow!"
2 burpees & 14 squats: "I am wonderwoman!"
1 burpee & 15 squats: "Am I dead?"

And here's how sweaty I was afterwards: 
(I wiped my face off so I could see the camera)

Note: large pulsing vein on the side of my head and seriously sweaty armpits. 
Would I do it again? 
You bet!

What did you do today? 


  1. I'm so so glad you tried it! I told you it's killer! it looks simple but I had to stop a ton! you are awesome!

    1. Thanks! The main thing thats sore today is my back. I stretched and foam rolled my legs a ton so I can walk today. I paused in between each set to catch my breath and let my heart rate go down. I really like quick workouts like that, that aren't complicated.

  2. Haha I laughed at your last question, "What did you do today?" because it put me to shame! I did nothing CLOSE to what you did!! I went to spin class, which kicked my butt, though. Amazing workout!

    1. I've heard of spin classes a lot..what is it?

  3. Haha! I didn't mean it to sound like, I worked out today, did YOU? lol! I was just simply asking what did everyone do. :-)

  4. Wow, that does look like an intense workout! I'm going to have to borrow that one :)

    1. It was very intense! But like I said, I'm mostly feeling it in my back today. I would definitely do it again though!

  5. I'm trying to run 2 half marathons back to back this year! I'm just hoping I don't cramp up day 2!!


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