Saturday, January 4, 2014

Just a little randomness to hold you over

My IT band is feeling much better but now I get some rather annoying pain on the lower outside part of my left knee. Yes I'm a body terminology major. 

The hubs and I ran together on a sweet path while our kids hung out with their g ma. We were both complaining and comparing injuries so we decided to walk a good distance before taking off. The run went well and I was able to keep up with him. That treadmill of ours can hurt you and help you all at the same time. I blame it for my injury but thank it for my increase in speed. We probably only ran a mile but walked back holding hands like a happy couple. It was nice.

If you stare at this photo long enough you should see two people. 

These cookies are the bomb. I'm happy to announce that I have been detoxing for two days so I rewarded myself with a cookie. Great logic eh? I seriously only had one so no regrets here.

For some reason my phone isn't being so smart and it's preventing me from uploading a photo of me doing "the best IT band stretch". Maybe it's saving me from looking like an idiot because my shoulder looks non existent and my lower half looks like it doesn't belong to my upper half. So I'll share this photo of my guy trying to impress us by balancing a princess ball on his nose.

He's all mine ladies. Hands off.

Rewind to about 11am and I was shopping all by my lonesome. Which I enjoyed. I actually spent some money on myself! A shirt I've been eye balling for a week and some flats. Oh and a tea and glazed almonds from Starbucks. Yeah, I was living it up. 

Rewind to Thursday night. I put together our daughters birthday present all by myself. Ok my son helped hold it up once. After putting it together I realized it was too big to hide so I threw two towels over the front and put it in my tiny closet. Our doors can't be left open because she'll see it for sure.
It's a Melissa and Doug easel. Fancy huh?  She's quite the artist so I'm sure she'll love it. At least for a week.

So there's my last two days. I'm working on a little something that's been brewing for about a week. I'll post it later this morning.
Enjoy your Saturday!

How was your week?
Are you sick of all the junk food like I am?
Have you tried to detox?
Do you allow yourself to splurge on items you really really want? 

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