Friday, January 31, 2014

My appointment with the Glaucoma specialist & my five things Friday

Today was the day that I was dreading for weeks: my appointment with the Glaucoma specialist. Aka: when I had to have my eyes dilated. For some reason I was really freaked out about getting my eyes dilated. I knew they just had to put drops in my eyes, but it was the unknown feeling that was going to come and not being able to control that feeling, that was making me anxious. 

Well, obviously I lived though it. It wasn't as bad as I thought and I didn't have a panic attack. My pupils got ginormous! 
That lovely thing on the inside of my eye is a Teratoma tumor. The Dr. said that I need to have it removed because it is located in a spot where every single cell of my body is and it can pretty much grow whatever it wants out of it. Disgusting! I know! It could have been my twin. Haha! I'm freaking myself out. Moving on.
There were three different things going on with my eyes. The tumor is one issue.
After they put the numbing dye in my eyes. My eyes felt fat & swollen! 
The dilating eye drops came later.

The second (actually it is the first and most important) thing that the Dr talked about was Glaucoma. Since my grandma has Glaucoma and is almost blind, I am 30 times more likely to have it. It is only genetic. If I am diagnosed with it, my children will be getting eye exams in the near future. My optic nerve in my right eye (same eye with the twin tumor) is larger than my left. The pressure of both my eyes are at an o.k. level BUT what causes him to want to do more tests is the concern of the larger optic nerve. So I go in on February 20th for further testing and should have a clearer "yes you have Glaucoma" or "No, you don't". 

My support & driver. 

The third thing is Exotropia. It is when your eyes or in my case your right eye, turns slightly outward rather than straight forward. This makes it harder for the eye(s) to focus in on things like reading or looking at something right in front of them. There is an exercise that I need to do daily to help bring my eye(s) to where they should be. My husband took a close-up photo of my eyes to try to show me how large my pupils are, and I seriously had tears starting to flow because of how much my right eye points outward. I know that sounds so shallow, but it scared me. I would never think someone was a weirdo or a freak because of a disorder, but to see it on me, was really scary.

Too cool for school.

Just trying to lighten the mood a little. 

Subject change!
1. Here's a pic of my boy working hard on his Idaho report. He sure is a handsome fella when he's acting smart eh?

Kate wanted something to "work" on too.

2. A fellow blogger friend wrote an awesome post about Raw Beauty. Amy at LongDriveJourney is a very talented writer/blogger. Her posts are very informational, inspirational, and simply wonderful! Go check out her blog and see if you can spot my "raw" photo. 

3. We watched Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2. A bazillion times in less than two days. There are quite a few unnecessary parts that children don't understand so why put it in the film, but I'm really loving the song at the end. It's not the kind of music I listen to but it's catchy and cute. 
You can't help but dance at least a little. :-) 

4. I'll be adding a "workouts" tab at the top of my blog within the next day or so. Be on the lookout! 

5. Last but not least I leave you with this: 

Sorry, I couldn't find anything better that fit with this post. 

P.S. I was able to workout yesterday without any pain my left leg/knee. So since it wasn't hurting I decided to *whispers* go for a run! I ran .60 of a mile then as soon as I felt the slightest twinge of pain, I walked. And I ACTUALLY thought, I could totally be ok with walking a mile or two a day. For now. :-D

How's your Friday going??
What do you have planned this weekend?
Our kiddos will be staying with my parents tonight and possibly be getting spoiled tomorrow with a shopping trip. What will the man and I do? I'm sure we'll think of something.

Enjoy your Friday everyone! 
P.P.S-Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and for all my new followers! I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you! I hope you'll enjoy my posts and hope we can become close blogging friends :-)


  1. I'm sorry about the eye difficulties :(. I. Hope the test later this month goes ok. And yay for no pain during the workout!

    1. Thank you. I hope so too. I'm so scared to have EYE SURGERY though! I'll be awake and they can do it right there in the office. I'm so afraid!! But my husband will be there to hold my hand. :-)
      Yes, I'm definitely learning to take it easy, as soon as pain appears I take it easy or stop what I'm doing. I haven't let go of my goals for the year, but they are on hold for now.


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