Saturday, January 4, 2014

Running Life's Race

Often times I compare running a race to living life. -Hence the title of my blog-

At the starting line of ever race our hearts beat anxiously as we await our first steps.
When a baby is conceived the very first sign of life is the heart beating. At the starting line of a race, a runner comes to life.

As we take our first steps after the horn is blown, we step over the line of comfort into the road of the unknown. As children learn to walk, they take their first steps into a whole new world. Sometimes we start out too fast and it causes us to stumble but we hop back up, brush ourselves off (hope for no injuries) and keep moving forward; with our eyes focused on the finish line. Or sometimes on the journey.

In life we learn to deal with things as they come along. 
In a race, runners learn to make decisions based on what is happening in that moment. Time keeps going and we get older and (hopefully) wiser. We learn, we grow, we change.
As we run through the years, we become smarter and more in tune with our bodies. I once heard that we all have our own "body recipe" and once we figure out what works for us, our bodies will treat us well. With life, we all have a purpose. A place. Once we figure out what that is, life seems to make sense. 

As every race has an ending, so does life. The moment we are born, we are moving towards the finish line. Every step, every fall and every mile has a meaning. It's up to us to decide how we'll finish. After stepping across that finish line, every runner wants to hear the words "well done." I know I do.

So I'll do what I know to do and that's run with my heart. I'll live with my heart more than my mind. I'll keep pushing forward when I really want to quit. I'll think of that Glorious finish line we'll all get to one day and hope to hear, "Well done." 


  1. I love this analogy. I've never thought of it this way but it's a really profound comparison. I'm definitely still at the stumbling stage!

  2. I love this. They say you run 3/4 of a race with your mind, but the last 1/4 you must run with your heart!

  3. Beautiful post! I think that describing life as a race is aptly put. Of course, the old adage that it's more like a marathon than a sprint is also true. There are hard times, there are the times that you feel like you are flying, and there are all of the times in between. I really hope that I get to the end of my race and hear well done, too. After all, that's really what I'm running it for.

  4. Really awesome post! I love the whole idea of running with your heart is poignant because that's really why we do it. I'm glad to hear you're recovering well btw!

    1. Thank you! I'm very happy about my leg healing too!


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